Thursday, February 16, 2006

School - Sucky Part.

i actually came to a conclusion after a few days of school after my "extended" holiday that - the only part of school that really sucks is having to wake up at an extremely unreasonable time for school!! you guys have to agree with me on this!! it's true!! i mean, that's the only bad part of going to school (well, apart of knowing d fact that everyone thinks i'm gay in school), that has gotta be the worse part of going to school. seriously, who likes waking up at such a time to only drag ourselves to school??

sometimes, i even think that if they actually changed the shcool hours to, say what, maybe in the afternoon, there wouldn't be any truancy problems in school. LOL. but that doesn't make much of a sense. anyway, getting up early really sucks. it's like, everyday, i struggle with getting up. like today, i got a freaking morning call at 5.45am (15 mins b4 my actual wake up time!!) from carina. she totally text me apologising upon her not replying my texts last night. i was like, omg, what the hell!! i still havent replied her text. and it resulted me of waking up an extra 5mins later. LOL.

and to make it worse, some of us - like me - takes a fairly long time to get dressed and get afresh, will most probably end up in school empty stomach. it's either bread or milo. and if it's bread, i'll have to eat it in the car, which will take up the fabulous time to fall asleep in all the drowziness!! but i usually don't eat, cause i don't have the time to. but there are still some instances akak personally volunteered to prepare breakfast of sausages and eggs and bacon. and that instances, i'll have to wake up extra early and rush myself in the bathroom like a mad dog, just so that i have enough time to sit on the table to have breakfast.

i also thank god that i'm not the kind of person who needs to do their "business" in the morning!! i mean, i don't get stomache aches at times like that unless i had poison for supper the night before. but other than that, Mr. Tummy doesn't make alot of complains. LOL. i mean, if you had to shit in the morning, imagine what time you'll have to wake up!! 5am?? omg, i won't have enough sleep by then!!

well, i guess it's always true that students like us could go to bed earlier so that you'll acquire enough sleep the next day. that's why parents created curfews. LOL. but i don't have any. and for this reason, sometimes, the student himself can't really go to bed early due to the overflowing work the school gives that he/she has to stay up late to actually finish them. right?? i'm not so sure about that one, though. *smiles*. maybe it's only me who doesn't complete my work on time and decides to finish it in a rushing manner till 2am in the morning. LOL.

but most of the time, in my case, it's the TV. LOL. i have so many shows to watch that it cuts off till 12am. and i'll most probably be in bed by 12.30am then. just count the hours i get to sleep when i have to wake up at 6am the next day. few hours only. it'll usually lead to sleepiness in class and the art of not paying attention in class. =P. i mean, how can i actually miss shows like Charmed, North Shore, The O.C. etc. Tuesdays is the day i watch TV the most. the whole night through!! i call Tuesdays, Show Day!! LOL. my favourite day of the week. no tuition. homeworks aside, only me and the TV.

so, it's not fun having to wake up so early to get to school. tiring. but having friends like mine, it just makes all the trouble worth it just getting to go to school. and if you actually think, your parents are doing the same also. in fact, everyone is the same. so i'm gonna quit complaining for now and just live life the way it's suppose to be!! tell me your opinions about this, i'd like to know!! LOL. =).


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