Friday, August 12, 2005

Haze! (killing us softly)

making the headlines and the front covers of STAR for 3 consecuitve days, i must i'm worried! it's like so hazy everywhere!! thanx to the government, at least they still publish collective ways of not being affected by haze! see what the world has become off now! see! it's not getting any better, world! if ppl now, still don't realise that this is the "byproduct" of the workings of our forefathers, then i don't know what i can say anymore! this is what happens when there's no control on open burning, smoke release and logging, besides the over-the-top number of vehicles we're using now! to me, i see this as a sign from god telling us that we should alredi be aware and stop whatever we're doing now, but it doesn't seem so to the rest of the world! just look at the newspapers! wat has it been reporting?? don't you all realise that it's alredi in a hazardous level and can even take lives! even if ur not aware, think of ur children! think of all the diseases that they'll have to overcome when there's haze caused by, well, the irresponsible ppl, which is, all of us! well, it doesn't mean that the country has to stop building the country, just stop doing all those things that could hurt mothernature!! "Don't Rape Mothernature!!". although this time, the haze is caused by the burning of forests in Sumatra, Indonesia, but still, it all boils down to the actions of humans, us! pls! to all of u out there, young or old, who can read this, do think twice before u take a certain action that might cause changes to the earth. one little small decision, can affect all! if u can, just take a minute, sit back and reflect upon what have the world become off today compared to yesteryears. what fresh air did our ancestors have, and why have we got to suffer like this?? why?? and as i'm sitting her writing this, i can smell the scent of burnt forests choking my lungs. oh, it's killing me! and i would reli like to stress that (as the newspapers had mentioned) we should sit at home more often and have the windows shut, get an air purifier/refreshener from the nearest pharmacies (which are now pretty cheap) to be put at home, air con as an alternative solution to heatness at home rather than fan and wear masks when u have to go outside. at least this will help from suffocating to death on the roadside. and i think, the government should urge the road users to car pool rather than to use personal vehicle during this season besides urging the bus operators to stop giving out so much black smoke! Penangites, you'll be familiar with this. maybe the policmen should make more rounds and summon them and charge them with a huge amount so that bus companies can at least be aware of the situation! but, who am i kidding?? these are just small little thought of mine. *sighs*. at this time, i think that the poem "The Dead Crow" by A.Samad Said or is it Samad Ali? wateva, read the poem and live the poem!

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