Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Time.

as i visited the mall and everywhere i went. i saw the word christmas printed on evrywhere. and as i browsed around flickr, i saw so many people posting pictures of christmas. setting up the christmas tree. presents adn everything else. i was envious.

at this time of the year around, i'm usually all kicked up and ready for christmas. i'll go to sleep every single night with traditional all-time favourite Christmas songs running in my cd player. i'll light up the christmas tree every night before going to sleep. browsing in the malls, searching for christmas gifts for loved ones was just part of the tradition with my family. having my parents watch me and my siblings set up the tree is just some of the things i love during christmas. and catching every christmas movie aired on HBO or Cinemax with grace really brings out the Christmas Cheer in me. the feeling of wanting to do some good is always floating around me. oh, how i love christmas! and on christmas day, we'll usually gather in poh poh's big traditional house. well, that was before the house got knocked down and poh poh had to live in a small HDB flat now.

this year, somehow, things have been a little different for me. first of all, i'm living in someone else's house. until now, i haven't even got the chance to se up a christmas tree yet. my tree! i'm not sure if i'll be able to do it this year. my house hasn't even finished yet. until today. i'm not sure if it'll make it for christmas. listening to christmas sogs is a different thing. i have to play it on the living room cd player. that's where i sleep. and ah chiu would wanna watch tv and grace just find it annoying with the amount of ppl in the house. so i can only play christmas songs after 2am, usually. and i don't have my beloved bed and pillows to snuck into for the holidays. i'm so miserable. trying to watch a decent movie on HBO is just something that you can only dream of. the tv's not ours, so, we gotta share. gathering at poh poh's house, oh i don't know if it's gonna fit all of us. this is the first christmas we're celebrating at her house.

the only thing that's the same is attending advent masses every saturday. and singing with the choir this christmas. we're going carolling this sunday though!! that's the only christmas-sy thing i'm lokking forward to, so far. we'll be singing at the St. John's Orphanage. i love doing charity work like that. i don't know why. but i really love spending time with unfortunate people, especially during this season. i pray to God that our appearance will make their holiday brighter and more maeningful!

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