Sunday, December 04, 2005

Times Square Cosmoland = Babyland!!

just got back from Times Square. what a boring trip for me. had to visit the stupid theme park!! it wasn't all stupid. but i had to go to the children's section!! omg. it was so dumb. oh well, but i had to be the responsible one.we (kenneth and me) brought four children and two maids. my akak and seh yi's akak. so, we can't leave the children and the maids and go enjoy ourselves. we had to go on every ride they went on, except for the ones that couldn't take our height. anyway, the entrance fee was so expensive. totally not worth it. even nic nic had to pay!! i totally didn't go to the so called"teenage's" area! totally missed the big roller-coaster also. but i was with the wrong crowd to with anyway. i mean, if i was with carina and grace, then it'd be fun. so we basically went on baby rides and saw baby stuff. i was pretty sure edmund, nic nic and hui xing had their time. but not us. how silly. and the worse thing was, we had to queue up to go on rides. and the queue was as long as, who knows what! we had to wait at least for the ride to go one round before we can get on. it was boring for us grown-ups (at the time compared with the little ones) but it was heaven to them, i think. i hope they really enjoye themselves, or my effort would be totally wasted. ugh. what a waste of a whole beautiful day of shopping!! didn't get anything myself. but i got myself some CDs and magazines when we were at the OUG (no idea what that stands for) wet market in the morning after mass!! oh well, living in KL under someone else's roof. life's like that! >_<

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