Monday, November 07, 2005

Changes in my life lately.

i encounter changes everyday. everyday is a new day. everyday is different. let me see what changed drastically recently. umm. renovation work started today. just now, in the morning. they're hacking up all the floors and tiles. i haven't see what happened yet. grace said i'd better not go cause there'll be alot of dust and i'll get my allergy again. i guess i'll go later in the evening. and now, because of renovation, i'm living in my uncle's hse. oh, it's all so different here. mum told me i had to be more polite in sumone else's hse. i've gotta do the dishes myself although akak's here. i'm still not doing laundry, cause i'll leave it to akak. i have to pack my bed (as usual i always do). i'm sleeping in the living room every night on a matress. listening to music is limited. meal time is prolonged cause we've gotta wait for ah chiu to come back which is pretty late. everything is very different from my own house. i just can't wait for my home to be ready! everything has gotta be limited. i'm not complaining though, although i sound like it. and there's gonna be another big change in my life. i'm getting braces! i know, it's gonna look disgusting and it's, i don't know, just ewe, i guess. the good news is i'm not extracting my four K-9 teeths. i'm just getting this done to close the gap on my to front teeth. close friends will realise this. i have it cause my gap's getting wider with time. the doc says its because of me not swallowing the right way. i don't even know how i swallow. LOL. i'm not all excited about getting braces. but i have to get them, literally. i need to. so, this are the major changes in my life. ugh. i don't like changes.

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