Saturday, November 05, 2005

Update: What's Been Happening Lately

ugh! it's 8.16am now. and this is my first post in days. i've been so caught up with the clearing up of the house for the past few days and also grace's wedding. anothe grace ofcoz. my godsister grace ong. she was getting maried and stuff and she asked me to be her cameraman. i must say, i was oddly flattered. it was kinda scary to be trusted, in a sense. anyway, she had 2 main dinners in penang and in ipoh. she's from penang and her husband's from ipoh. holding the video camera for 3 straight hours ain't easy, i tell u. her wedding was nice, not to all her expectations and not to all her liking. see, she had this slideshow display of wedding photos prepared but the restaurant wasn't prepared for that thing to come and wasn't well equipped enough for her to get her stuff going. she was kinda pissed of at first. but then, sumhow, she managed to get it right. and the whole evenning went on nicely. that was in penang. in ipoh, oyog and the kang family (my family) had to trvel from 6am to ipoh just in time for her tea drinking. in chinese wedding, tea drinking is a very important event. the newlyweds must serve the parents and other married relatives tea to get honor and blessings from all their family members. i recorded the whole thing on her videocam. it was so long cause they had so many relatives! oh but it was fun. watching all their antics and hearing all their jokes. she rented a temporary hotel for us. we rested there in the afternoon and go ready for her wedding dinner in the evening. again, i was the cameraman. their wedding dinner wastotally different from our hokkien people. they're cantonese people. even the food tastes different! they had dancers on stage performing for the guests, the food is served even before the bride comes, there's alot of alcohol and dancing around and they really make it a hell of a time! they give their all out on such days. it was so fun to see the old people dance on stage! and their dinner ends early. at about 9.30pm. if it's in penang, it'll most probably end at 12am. and the ppl there don't dress up for occasions like this. they wear very casual clothes. whereas for us, we dress up like hell when it comes to occasion like this! LOL. it was fun to see and learn about different cultures in different places! and now, my parents and godparents are clearing up the house while we children are staying at my uncle's hse (i'll have to put up in this place for the nest 2 months of renovation). i've shifted my computer here and stuff like that. but ah chiu( uncle) don't let me up stay up late using the comp. it's so sad, cause it's the only time i get to be alone with my comp. but i've gotta obey him cause it's his house, his rules. but he's really nice. nicer than usual. he told me that i wasn't allowed to touch his comp but he pitied me so he fixed his dvd-rom for me so that i could watch dvd. ain't that nice?? i mean, for a guy who doesn't share his electronic alot, he let me used his external dvd-rom!! so happy. but now, i'm literally sick. i was sick since yesterday. couldn't stop sneezing and coughing and i have runny-nose. i think i have the flu! i couldn't even sleep well last night! i'm blaming the dust in the house. but whatever it is, the renovation work's gonna start on monday! yeap, this monday!! so excited. dad seems to be a lil emotional about his old house. he still refuses to come to ah chiu's hse. he wants to stay wit the house till the very last minute. LOL.

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