Monday, November 28, 2005

another 3 days!! i'll be taking off to KL!! i'm looking forward to this trip as well as not looking forward to it. as usual, i'm going with my family. i'm not the kind of person who goes on trips with friends without parents due to personal reasons and fears, disapproval of parents and basically, neither do i have any friends inviting me nor do i have thos kind of friends who actually dares to go. but if i'm actuall invited, i'll most probably think about it.

the reason i'm looking forward to this trip is that, time's gonna pass by more quickly there and when i get home, renovation work on my house would be near completion! and i'll be so happy that i'm gonna move back in! i'm not saying that i don't like staying in ah chiu's house, but sleeping in the living room on a mattress on the floor just ain't my cup of tea. but i'm slowly getting used to it now. well, human lives are so routinal.

and the reason i'm not looking forward to this trip is that, well, the main cause of this trip was to attend a relative's wedding. a relative that me and my cuzins don't even know about. only my aunts and uncles know them. now see, i've gotta mention this cause i just realised it that my whole family kind of live in a whole big neighbourhood. the whole big family of course, including my grand aunts and uncles. apparently, everyone got invitations (a usual thing to do for chinese weddings) to the wedding and we're all gonna go!! yeap, including my grand aunts and grand uncles! oh my gosh. even kong kong (who is paralyzed from the waist down about 6years ago due to alcohol) is going. that makes it a big event. to me, i don't think this is neccessary at all. just send some red packets and get it over with!! but poh poh says it's all about respect. so, obviously, we (children) ain't gonna have any fun (go sightseeing and theme parks and shopping, although we've been to KL for like 100th time, it never gets old!). we're gonna spend most of our time at tai yee's house and watch tv. by the way, she lives in a 3-storey bungalow (but i'm totally doubting if there's gonna be enough space to live in with additional people). so, there's nothing to look forward to this trip.

but still, we have to. and the thought of visiting a place out of your own will always provide me something happy to think about! there's three more days left before the trip. i'm gonna spend these 3 days prepapring my stuff like, burning my songs so that i can entertain myself on the bus. charging my camera's batteries. charging my mobile. buying magazines or maybe Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. but i'll most probably do nothing in the bus cause it's in the night. and i don't think i'll concentrate reading anything with the amount of noise generated in the house. and i'm not sure about you, but i get nausea when i read in the car. and it'll turn my sotmach into mush and i'll feel sick the whole day. so, i'm not a car reader. LOL.

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