Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Braces!! Ain't No Good!!

so damn painful!! nothing happy about getting braces!! everything seems to be turning upside down!! hurts like hell, that's how i describe it, although i don't really know how hell hurts like. it's just an expression anyway. my whole mouth hurts!! i can't eat, can't munch, can't chew and can't bite!! i'm so hungry but it's so painful!! was taking my shower and accidentally rubbed my face and it felt like sumone was extracting my teeth out!! even now, it still feels the same!! closing my lips is just torture to my jaws! owh! i feel like taking them off again and go back to the way it was!! but i'm totally not regretting. i can't, i've paid so much for it. i have to be happy. noone seems to understand how i'm feeling right now. even grace don't seem to be bothered. i'm so miserable. the worse thing is that i'm going to Kl in 2 days time! how am i suppose to enjoy myself?? you can't possibly imagine how i'm feeling right now. ugh! i'm also angry at myself!! why did i do this in the first place?? ugh!!

speaking about the KL trip, i haven't even packed my bags yet. not sure what to bring for the wedding occasion. everything looks so messed up right now! my chargers are all out of place. they're wires everywhere around my computer!! i'm so getting a headache!! i haven't even burn the cd that i'm suppose to burn for myself. i'm always like that, planning to do something but never having the initiative to take action! in short terms, i'm most of the time lazy! and i can know my laziness, but i never correct them! i really gotta change my life now!! ugh! i'm going crazy! can somebody ease my pain??

not to mention, with the restless ah chiu keep teasing at my teeth, it just feels much better! everything hurts! every single tooth hurts!! *screams* it also affects my talking. my braces of course. oh my gosh, i sound like as if i'm proud of it! no i'm not!! and it's been raining for the whole day. it looks so dull. speaking of dull, mum said that kong kong is sick. he's been vomitting endlessly and passing out (on the bed, as he's paralyzed) now and then. and he's having fever. i think the KL trip is worrying him or it's just a coincidence that he fell sick. he's gonna be carried to the car and gonna be drived down to KL by dad in the Unser. and he's still sick. but poh poh says he feeling better a little bit today. i hope he recovers soon. i really feel bad and undutiful (is there such a word?) when it comes to times like this. guilty. oh God, please let him have a safe and comfortable jouney to KL. he haven't travelled or sat in the car since he got paralyzed. i can't blame him for feeling whatever he feels now. he's can't sit on the car, dad has to fold the seats up so that he could occupy the whole back space and lay down.

it's getting late, i'd better go to sleep. i'm certainly going to have a worser day tomorrow. don't even know if i could get through brushin teeth in the morning! it hurts so much not. it's also irritating also. i wish it's just something new that needs some getting used to. oh, how i wish!

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