Thursday, November 10, 2005

Computer Dilemma

shit. when everything seems to be fine, it never lasts! it's always like that in my life. when everything appears to be the way i like it or the way i think is okay, that moment only last, well, a moment. i don't know why, but it has been like that ever since. can this be somehow related to feng shui?? or isit karma?? what goes aorund comes around?? just a few days ago, everything was fine. my computer, especially, was fine. it was running smoothly. no problems. none at all. but now, i think i got virus infection. it's not that smooth anymore. i'm not sure what's the cause, but i'm determined to find out. my computer's running slower than usual. very slow indeed. i think it's the cause of some installed programs. not sure which. and my removable disk is like crazy! it keeps disconnecting and re-connecting again! i mean, what's wrong with it?? and it's always autoplay-ing whenever it reconnects! and also, Blog Picture Uploading Program, HELLO! has also gone crazy! i can't find any troubleshoot button with the setup! uploading picture takes forever! and it crashes my comp, everytime i try to access pictures to be sent. so, i guess there'll be no pictures for a while! so sad. not to mention, my control panel is also causing me a headache! whenever i try to open it, my whole system automatically restarts! it's so insane! it drives me nuts everytime! what wrong did i do to the comp? ugh! it's killing me! i'm so frustrated right now! i can't post no pictures at all! by the way, carina went home today. i feel so alone right now. so boring. i mean, although she does nothing here, she's still here with me. and now that she's gone, i'm so bored. and my computer's f**ked up now, i have basically nothing to do except to read ah chiu's computer "bibles"! he told me to read them! and it's like bible-thick! i'm not even sure when i can finish! it is so not the time right now!

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