Friday, November 11, 2005

Busted Computer!

hell yeah, just mentioned that it's gonna die, and it died today! at about 10.15am. and it stopped breathing for half an hour before i try reviving it to life and now, it's in a serious coma and has become a vegetable. now it's in the icu witing for treatment. ugh! it really kills me each time it happens. what i'm talking about is my computer! now, i'm writing this from ah chiu's comp cause mine's totally busted. i was so desperate for cure when it broke down, i kind of "borrowed" ah chiu's original Window XP Professional Service Pack 2. and i've gotta say that it's totally different fomr the fkae, pirated one we buy in roadside stalls. i did asked him the price of the cd a few days ago and he said it costed him RM550. i was like, what the hell? it's only a cd isn't it? and dad will probably go, "that's why bill gates is the richest man in the world!" but anyway, i'm just trying to say that my whole comp's pretty much turned to mush and i'm still trying my best to revive it. i'm kinda in a hurry now, cause there's choir practice tonight, in church. the only non-digital event that i'm actually looking forward to the whole day!! i tried putting my mind off my comp by watching a DVD "40 Year Old Virgin" in the afternoon. damn the show was hilarious and kinda dirty too. my favourite part was when he went to that dating system thingy and that girl's boobs' just falls of! oh, that cracked me up! anywayz, i gotta go now. just got busted by mum for not getting ready!

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