Monday, November 21, 2005

ugh. 3 consecutive days!! 3!! been woke up by my stupid alarm (which i forgot to switch off) on my mobile!! it's so annoying. the worse thing is i did not manage to set it into the tune of Lay Your Hand (Simon Webbe) instead i left it with the annoying siren!! i only woke up after an hour of alarming me and it was like, 7.30am!! and i slept at about 2am last night! it's so damn annoying! ugh! feel like crushing my mobile!!

anyway, i woke up with a bad shoulder-ache (i'm not even sure if there's such thing). my left shoulder really hurt when i tried moving my head. ugh. i tried massaging it myself, but to no avail, it still hurts. i guess it must've been my sleeping position. my pillows were all messed up (as usual) when i woke up. and i didn't really went to sleep last night on a good note. ah chiu was sleeping outside in the living room and he was snoring like hell. kind of annoying. he had to sleep on couch cause he invited my (annoying, adorable, irritating, chinese-speaking and looking for fun) cousins to his house although it was already full with my family living in it. i'm not sure how long will they be here. but oh my, it kind of brightens the place up anyway. they're both sisters aged 8 and 12. and they realy act like, girls. well, tecnically, they are girls!! and i find it kind of hard to communicate with them cause of the different communication language! but they're ok. i'm just waiting for them to bug me to bring them to the nearest park.

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