Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sequels, Sequels, Sequels

i was just surfing Yahoo! movies and i saw alot of sequels to movies! is the "sequel" fever coming around?? there were obvious sequels like Spiderman and X-Men, i mean, it's a different villian each time and they're according to comic books. couldn't blame them. and then, there's sequels like Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings and Matrix (was it from a book??). can't actually call them sequels, cause the'yre based on different books with only same characters. LOL. me categorising stuff. but then, there wer sequels like Big Momma's House and Pirates of the Carribean and Final Destination. i was kind of dumbfounded when i first saw this. i knew about Pirates and Destination a long time ago, but not Momma's House!! i mean, that show was way long! i can't even remember the show anymore! well, a little maybe. but, what's up with the sequel?? i don't remember any continuation to that! and Final Destination was kind of a downfall. but the effects were awesome. i watched the DVD and there was a girl flashing her boobs when they were on the car at the beginning of the show and that was cool. and the boy, being crushed by glass was a classic and also the guy got "fenced" by the barb wire, awesome!!! but the storyline and the actors/actresses weren't attractive at all. another (what i may think, silly) sequel is Jaws. can you actually have any sequel to that?? it's so ewe. i think it's so pointless!! Cheaper by The Dozen 2 is another sequel! gosh, was there any after-story to that?? but honestly, i won't mind watching that, if the actors and actresses stay the same, especially all their children!! and another old movie sequel is Zorro! that's a good sequel, i think, cause i haven't watched it yet. the 1st Zorro was out, like, what? 1998?? not quite sure. but i know i watched it when i was young and could barely understand a thing. but anyways, to me, the same actor/actress playing the same role and the same director would make a great sequel! if there's a new actor playing the same old character, i wouldn't wanna watch that. would you? for example, Hugh Jackman playing Spiderman or maybe Jennifer Aniston playing Mary Jane. wouldn't it be like ewe? and another real example is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. it was directed by a different director, if i'm not mistake. i didn't really enjoy that. it was as if i was watching a dead boring slideshow! and the storyline wasn't that precise. but i'm looking forward to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! oh, i just can't wait! other movies i'm looking forward to is Chronicles of Narnia, Zathura, Aeon Flux, Exorcism of Emily Rose, (remake) Yours, Mine & Ours, Just Friends and lots more!! there's also alot of movies i haven't watched! i can't waiT!

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