Sunday, November 06, 2005

sunday afternoon. don't usually spend it at home. anyway, it's a new environment for me to be living in. i was suppose to finish this by 1.22pm, just now. but i fell asleep on ah chiu's couch watching re-runs of Desperate Housewives. i don't know what's up but they're replaying 5episodes of DH in a go today. but it's only the 1st 5 episodes. i planned to watch the whole thing, but i couldn't stay awake through the 3rd episode. sighs. what a waste. but i woke up at 4.30, just in time for the last half an hour of the 5th episode but it was the episode about Susan and that policeman and stuff like that. wasn't interested. so i switched it off. and came back to this. i gotta spill this. jiu mu (ah chiu's wife, that's what we call her) cooked lunch for me and carina, the only ones at home. she cooked sum weird gooey stuff for us. it was noodles. but it was green noodles. and it was sticky. it smelled like herbs and i bet it was cooked with it too. it has pieces of sausages and an egg. all in all. it's weird and icky. luckily for my stuffed nose because of my flu, i can barely taste anything. i finished it quick and got it done. it was almost like puke. LOL. i'm so mean to be bitching abt other people's food, but it's really is weird. i'm sori. LOL.

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