Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some Happy Things to Think Abt.

i'm so happy and excited that my house is finally getting a makeover aka renovation! after 10 long years of living in the house, finally getting a renovation. so relieved. the work's gonna start real soon. right after the Hari Raya Celebrations. the "unloading" of my house junk has been almost complete. th eonly stuff left are for daily usage. oooh, i just cant wait! but i don't think the whole family putting up at my uncle's 3 bdroom apartment would be agood idea. for instance, he has only one room available, for like wat, the 6 of us in the family?? i'm not sure how we're gonna live in that place, but i'm sure that i've gotta bear with it. all towards a better home! and another thing is, my godsister, namely, grace also, is getting married this weekend! oh, we are so involved! i volunteered to be their photographer!! it's so cool! my sis, grace was suppose to be the bridesmaid, but then according to their chinese beliefs, grace wasn't suitable in aspects of chinese zodiac signs. she was so close to getting a bridesmaid dress! but i'm really excited abt it. plus, my confirmation is on this coming saturday!! oh i can't wait. i'm excited yet nervous as well, cause i've got a thank you speech to deliver!! but i can't wait to get confirmed! i hope i do well on my speech. it's really freaking me out as the days grow nearer. really scary!! may God guide me during my speech!

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