Thursday, October 20, 2005

Moving ain't easy!

gosh. i just realised, moving ain't that easy at all. i've been clearing up the house of trash and junk. i never ealise that my house has so "much" junk!! obviously, my house seems to be able to contain all those crap although it looks small. but then, i actually discovered there were much more things from what i expected! damn! to be rasional, the stuff that we packed will never seem to fit in the whole house! but then, all those junk had been there for like, ten years! especially my mum;s kitchenware. she has more stuff than she actually needs, ya know! for instance, she has FIVE blenders, THREE woks (although she barely cooks), TWO toasters (and their still working fine) and a THOUSAND pots, pans and plates!! she has whole sets of plates and bowls which are really pretty but she never uses them! she'd rather let the whole family use the plates that we get free out of purchases like Colgate and washing foams! and she keeps a whole set of fine china which is still in good condition! i was like, "what's wrong with you??." and this goes for her shoes also. not to mention the bedsheets! we have only 3 main beds in my house, but we have like a HUNDRED bedsheets and curtains! and we barely use most of it, coz they're still wrapped in pretty conditions! anyway, dad rented a room nearby to stash our junk while the renovations are going on. we'll be living in the streets i guess. LOL. i've been carrying loads of boxes to and from from that rented room, which is at the 2nd floor of another building! and the boxes ain't light, i tell you. they weigh like, what, a THOUSAND kg!! and i'm not even sure myself if i'm carrying the boxes the right way, coz my back hurts when i carry the boxes. but it doesn't cont' to hurt though, thank God. with only the assistance of Akak (or more to like, i assist her. LOL), we kinda managed to clean up the whole house already. what's left now are for daily usage and personal belongings. the only thing that wonders in my mind is that, how the hell are we going to carry the boxes back again to our house after the renovations and how are all those junk gonna fit in to the new setting! i'm gonna go hide on the day we have to move back in! but nonetheless, i'm really excited about the renovation! and i hope that our "renovator" will do a good job! btw, his KIM!! the famous interior designer!! i can't believe we actually met him! he's fame was like, "my house and work appeared on local magazines!" anyway, he does really good business and we're so glad we got him!! my mum really trusts in him!

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