Thursday, October 27, 2005

came back from choir practice from aunt julie's house. today's practice was ok. i just sat back there, did ntg much. singins christmas carols got me feeling all christmas-sy and stuff. anyway, came back listening to "My Humps" on radio! it was so fun! singing in the car to daddy. he was all like "what's wrong wif my son??". LOL. got back, had a 2 leftover pieces of pizza and finished edmund's spaghetti. replied my bestie's email, and now, writing this. edward's asking me to go to school tomorow as it's kind of like, the last day. i'm not sure i wanna go, but i did agreed to him. ugh. d feeling of schooling is no more! gone alredi. come to think of it, i still hv to bear with the hot sun tomorow during assembly. ugh! the stupid sch had to had a strict disciplinary teacher! he wasn't very pleased with the discipline lately, so he declared assembly every morning! it's so tiring, standing in the middle of the field under the hot sun in tight uniforms! not my ideal holiday getaway!! *sighs* guess i still have to go to sch tomorrow. after all that's said and done, i'm still the same! (barely understand what that means)


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