Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fishbone Reaks!!

uelk! i went to gurney today, with my "fellow confirmands." we had a nice time. although it was kinda like, just waiting for time to pass by. anyway, jacalyn suggested that we go to Kyro's Kebab and everyone like, went on with her, cause she says she wans to eat the spaghetti there (which looked kinda weird to me. or was it spaghetti??). but anywayz, we sort of settled down on the tables and stacey was like, "i feel like eating sushi, lah." and i was like, "yea, me too, lah!" and everyone just stood up and walked off from Kyro's. omg. we went to Sushi King then. we kinda occupied the whole rotating thingy table. i really love sushi, and guess what, i ate the most there! LOL. sushi's like, heaven to me. but then, i'm kinda suffering the consequences. i think i have a fish bone stuck on my throat! and that hurts! i think i had too many salmons than i should've! anyway, this fishbone thingy really sucks! it hurst everytime i swallow my saliva! urgh. and i cant seem to get it down by eating more food. i even tried stucking my finger in my throat, but that lead me to the vomitty feeling, which is kinda uncomfortable too! dad told me 2 swallow pieces of banana. but there wasnt any around. it's like stuck in the middle now. this isn't the first time!! i can't remember when was the last time though. but what i know now is that it hurts. and have i mentioned that it's rather annoying and irritating also! urgh! can someone help me?? i'm just hoping that it'll all past when i wake up tomorrow!! by the way, jacalyn managed to get back to Kyro's for what i think is spaghetti, with the whole bunch of us sitting there again! it's so weird, yet so funny!! i really had a great time today. how i wish things would stay that way forever between us... *sighs*

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