Monday, October 31, 2005

Confirmation Day! Finally Over! A Whole New Life!

confirmation day! it was such a bliss! a memorable event. unforgettable! it was far by, the best day of my life. it was everything that i pictured it would be! well, not everything exactly. oooh. it was so much fun! i felt really content. gosh, i felt so nervous an hour before mass starts. i was so jumpy over everything cause i barely even know where or when am i s'pose to do my speech! nervewrecking it was. but it was all worth it for what happened during mass. the celebration went on beautifully. the priests and bishop were all so patient with us. it was so nice. despite the overflowing crowd in church, everybody seemed to be happy! oh, i oculdn't possibly put the way i felt in words. it was, stupendous! everything went well. Kai Ma (godma) was there with me. we took our vows. or kind of renewed them. we sang Go Light The World beautifully, i would say. the whole ceremony was to good to be true! i delivered my speech. it felt so great when i was done with it. i have some photos, i'll post it up. the cameraperson was edmund and grace. i can just say that their work has little flaws here and there. nevertheless, it was great! i even managed to take a picture with the bishop and the priests. and after the celebration, we had a normal dinner at a nearby restaurant with Kai Ma. i was so thankful to have everyone there! even Poh Poh attended the mass! it was fabulous! fantastic!

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