Tuesday, October 18, 2005

At Last!!

finally! i get to update my blog in weeks, or months?? watever! PMR had just finished, like, a week ago! And my comp just came back, like a week ago, too! LOL! The freedom i get these days, totally awesome! life was so depressing the month before PMR. everything seems to be crashing down. and just to proof that i was actually worried, pimples kept popping out of nowhere! it was even on my scalps! urgh! i hated that! but now, oh, smell the smell of freedom, ppl! anyway, i just kinda got back from Confirmation Camp 2005! gosh, the camp was so great! fantastic! awesome! Martin Jalleh was d best! and now, i just resettled back at home which is like crap. we're carrying out renovations next month, and we're forced to "evacuate" the house and of all our belongings too! everywhere's so dusty. even my bed. but i've neever seen my house so empty before! i'm pretty much the only running the moving out thingy with the help of Akak. coz grace's gotta an exam to study for. so i still refuses her to help in in anyway. there's like tons of boxes everywhere. and we've got to carry them to another rented room around our area. it's so damn tiring coz the boxes are mostly heavy! and i mean, Heavy! owh, life at home is mostly uncomfortable, for now. but i cant wait to move back in into a brand new house! oh, i just can't wait! well, i'm basically repairing my comp now. trying to get everything to the way it used to be. there's so much to do! i hope i can restore things to the way it was. wish this could also be applied on my relationships. *sighs*. but anywayz, i better get going. i havent even written the thank you speech for my confirmation day yet!!

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