Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wang Lee Hom Promo Tour.

Yeap, I was there. My second time in catching this kinda gig. Grace and me knew that he was coming to Penang about a month ago. We were planning to go. So happens the 20th March was also Joe Han's (Grace's freaky "boyfriend") birthday as well. She had something else in mind, I think. She totally forgot about the gig untill I REMINDED her about it. She was quite hesitant in attending the gig already when she remembered and when she told me it was Joe's birthday. "I don't give a damn if it's his birthday," I told her. "I ain't gonna miss Lee Hom!" She relented cause she said it weeks before that she was gonna go with me.

We did make it there, though. I invited Carina - cause she's the mandarin speaking one in the family and i thought she might be interested. She was indeed pleased. But she pulled out from the goup at the last minute giving me lame excuses that she was afraid it would take till midnight and she was afraid that she couldn't wake up for school tomorrow. "Okay, fine, I'm not gonna force you," I told her through MSN, few mintues before we actually took off. "But please do me a favor! Get his autograph and his picture for me, please!" she said before i actually closed the window. "Yea, sure, whatever." To me, I think there was some argument at her place, as usual. Not bothered to ask.

We we're kind of late when we got there. Gurney was packed and we could barely find a parking space at the basement carpark. I could tell Grace wasn't at all excited about Lee Hom while I was all on pins and needles in the car, she seemed to take thing easily like we're going on a casual shopping spree that takes no time. I was pissed off. She was all "lovey dovey" with Joe and I just couldn't be bothered, although most of the time, I tried making myself busy on updating Edward and Carina on my whereabouts and what's happening through texting. There was about a thousand people already when we got there. It required tickets to get into the place and the only way we're getting tickets was either to get on of his latest album or to get a Celcom XPax (the only telco that doesn't get business and sells its stuff through sponsoring gigs like this). I wasn't in a dire need for a new lame sim card, so I got the CD. Joe wanted to get it at first, and I beat him off cause he needed to get cash from the ATM machine while I was already in a hurry to get in, and I had the cash on my hand!!

Ended up, I was the one with the CD. Joe wanted to pay me back for the CD (in other words, to but it from me) later but I refused to sell. =P. We got ourselves thre tickets and I rushed the both of them in. They (both love birds) had food in their mind at a time like this. "Don't you wanna get something to eat first before entering? It's only 7.30pm. It starts at 8pm," Grace asked when we were at the entrance. "Wth! How can you have food in your mind at a time like this?! NO! We're going in and that's final!" I kinda yelled, while I stood there watching everybody hurrying in with their tickets. "What is wrong with you..." Grace mumbled with her screwed up expression. I ignored her and gave the tickets to the guy at the entrance. The place was quarterly filled when we went in. We got ourselves a spot to the left side of the stage.

Obviously, there were alot of girls. The only guys around there were either dragged by their girlfriends to this gig for photo taking purposes or true fans of Lee Hom. LOL. I fall into neither both of that category. I was going cause I promised myself that I would when I said I would a few weeks ago. It's kind of fullfilling a promise to me. I was one of the few guys who were tall there, cause from my eyes, I could see the whole flood of crowd with a few geads popping out fom the crowd and I was one of the heads. I had no camera and the camera from my mobile was too low resolution. It only took 15mins to fill the whole place up after we got in. The heat turned up when I realized I wasn't the only one sweating like a pig! Even the girls were all sweaty and smelly. LOL. I got a perfect view of the stage with my height. Grace couldn't see anything at all. There were like a thousand other girls with the same height as Grace and shorter. I wonder how the could see anything.

Human and girl's shampoo was a few of the things my nose detected. I figured out that the majority of the crowd consisted of mandarin speaking people while the other kind was english speaking and we were one of the english speaking crowds. Or were we the only english speaking people there who knows no shit about any of Lee Hom's songs or his backgorund or anything?! LOL. The screaming fans knew to follow when he sang but three of us could only stand and watch besides giving yells of support. LOL. We were like the outcasts there.

Lee Hom's performance was rather plain and simple. Came out wearing a black Mickey T-shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers, holding a mineral water bottle in his hand and a mic. The crowd went crazy at the sight of him!! Everyone knew how to sing his song and followed him but I was like... . LOL. He only performed 4 songs from his new album. Only 4. The rest of the gig was filled with autograph signing. Everyone tried to get to the entrance where the fans were being led out up to the stage. I did the same while holdig his album in my hand only to get myself stuck in the crowd like sardines. Literally, we were all stuck like sardines. Everyone wanted out from the crowd to get on stage because of the increasing temperature in the crowd and because of the impatient-ness to see their idol. Try rubbing shoulders with a sweaty anonymous girl who's wearing a sleeveless top, accidentally clipping (with the elbow and the sweat) some girl's long hair and pulling chunks of her hair off, crushed by a guy who just can't wait to get through the crowd at your back and also crushed by a sweaty fat girl at your front. A siimple loittle movement could cause a stir in the crowd. Not the quarreling kind of stir, but the kind of stir like when you're stirring a pot of soup!!

It took me a good half an hour beeing stuck in the crowd to give up Lee Hom's autograph. I couldn't take the heat no more and I could barely breathe. I pulled out of the crowd and it was not an easy thing to do. Noone was happy enough to give way to a dying human. Saying "Excuse me, please give way, I'm going out, you can have my space," only drew stares of disapprovement and hate. The best thing you could do is to out your pride aside and just cut through the crowd eventhough it hurts someone. I remembered I knocked a girl and she shrieked "Owh!". Oh well, I thought, you only stared when I said excuse me politely, it's very likely of me to knock you. LOL. By the time I got out, beads of perspiration were dripping down my forehead like dews of the night and I was soaked in sweat (mine and a few dozen other's).

Forget about the autograph, not even a picture of Lee Hom. I only brought back memories of him and his CD. Listening to it now. Love it so much!! Couldn't believe I wasn't a fan of his all those years before. Ended the night with a birthday dinner with Joe and Grace. Joe got a Swatch watch as a gift from Grace. I couldn't care less caus ehtat's her money and she earned it through working. I guess she's grown up. I heard from Grace's colleague (who were also there) that Lee Hom managed to autograph every single one there which took him about 2hours or so, I think. This proves the loyalty of his fans. I'm not one of them,I guess. What an experience trying to catch Lee hom.

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