Friday, March 31, 2006

Eight Below.

As I've just mentioned about having happy weekday nights, the three of us decided to go to the movies yesterday, Thursday. It wasn't exactly a perfect night for the movies, but we went with it anyway and Mega Pavillion was definitely not in the list of cinemas at first but somehow, it made it to the bottom of the list, due to the recent petrol price hike. If it wasn't, we'd be travelling down in the midst of the dark on a school night to Golden Screen Cinemas for some movie that we're gonna decide on just by majority without going into further detailed information like reviews or casts. It wasn't any different in Mega Pavillion (B.J.).

Ice Age 2 was the only movie that seemed welcoming enough at Mega Pavillion, while having the image of spider webs hanging low from under the seats of the cinema and bubble gum stuck under the arm rest of the seats which I'll soon be discovering. Nothing much really differed when we got there. Both Graces suddenly pulled out from Ice Age 2 while I suggested something better like V for Vendetta or maybe even better, to go down a few levels and purchase some good pirated DVDs and just watch them at home. Cause undeniably, B.J. has become quite notorious with its freedom of peddling those kind of goods at a reasonable price despite the occasional police raids which never brings an end to this "problem" . It'll be much cheaper that way!!

Out of the blue, while they were observing through squinted eyes the "Now Showing" posters hanging off the wall, the image of white snow and cute fluffy puppy dogs caught their female attention. After much questioning me about that movie (cause I always happen to be the know-it-all on the entertainment industry) which only brings to more questions, myself, we gave up trying to think of a good reason to watch the movie and just got on with it. I had no idea about the movie cause (what I had in mind) I wasn't at all interested in another silly movie involving winking or talking canines without realising that Paul walker was in it and so, I didn't venture any further for more information over the internet. We finally end up purchasing 3 tickets to the 9.55p.m. movie entitled "Eight Below". Not exactly different from the first option considering all those icey motives on their posters. The only reason I had no objections against that movie was that it had Paul Walker on its poster with the Walt Disney logo together- I realised it later when I saw the real poster rather than the little tiny thumbnail pictures I come across over the net - which makes things just interesting enough for me to settle in.

Who would've thought that it was such a touching movie. Well, anyone who really knows me knows that most of the shows I watched could at least be considered (by me) as "meaningful and touching". But the movies I watched are really meaningful and touching to me. And I'm a real sucker for movies as such. I can't remember any movies instantly right now, but I could sketch out a few like Just Like Heaven, 13 Going on 30, In Her Shoes, I Not Stupid Too, Honey, Are We There Yet?, The Pacifier, The Perfect Man, Monster-In-Law, Hitch, Bridget Jones, New York Minute, Raise Your Voice and loads more which I strictly think they're meaningful!! Even Narnia to me was quite a story. I picked these titles by browsing the DVDs I own. Can't remember all the movies I've watched but can easily cry if you were to put me through another movie like Win A Date With Tad Hamilton again (of course I did the first time I watched it). By the time the we walked out of the cinema, we were like, "That was the best movie that was randomly picked out!"

Eight Below was another tale about the bond between man and dog. A tale full of courage, love, sorrow, happiness, determination, co-operation and so forth. Nevertheless, as touching as ever. I mean, for God's sake, Paul Walker cried in the movie when he thought Maya was dead and seeing him (such a MAN, usually potrayed as strong and emotionless in most of his movies) cry was moving enough for me. Even when Paul Walker kissed Maya, it was another potrayal of affections of a man to a dog, especially the part when he promised her that he'll be back to get her. Grace brought up a good fact about the movie that there was no ultimate villain in the movie and it was true. It really is solely a movie on the bond between men and dog. I couldn't get enough of the movie, if you'd ask me. Anyone up for another round?? I'll be happy to go watch it again!! I can conclude that once again, this movie has proven to its viewers that dog's are men's best friend! How I wish I had a dog now!

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