Friday, March 31, 2006

New Principal - No Good News.

I just got news (or rumors) that the new principal of the school is going to extend our schooling hours. To me, it's already a drag to attend school every single day as it is now. Longer hours?? I don't think so. Right this moment, the idea of transferring to another school where I'd be stranger to others again seems to be the best option to get away from all of these. Battling for time constantly, I'm already not having enough of it and now (like my Mondays), and this guy just walks into our lives and suddenly decides to pull the trigger on us and change everything to his way! Who does he think he is??

Obviously, he realises that he's the principal and he has the power to do so. From what I've heard, controlled schools - meaning that the school doesn't allow any tom, dick or harry to walk right in into the school - under the Education Ministry of Malaysia are supposed to end at about 3 p.m.. So, whatever that principal has under his sleeves to change the school time, he's only just as innocent as putting things as the way it should be. Maybe it's just against his defence that he created that whole controlled school rule. Once again, I'm expressing my disapproval to the ministry if that whole mumbo jumbo about controlled school is true. Not that I know much about the ministry, but from what I'm getting, I simply dislike the ministry.

Aiman (my new found friend/classmate. The only person besides Shamsuddin whom I am able to talk to or relate to in class) seems to think of it as a disciplinary action that the school desperately needs while my opinion differs. Shamsudin - being the son of the Head of Student Affairs , however, agrees with me that school hours are long and hard enough to be sat through everyday as it is. Conversing in Malay most of the time while I try to slip in an English word or two, here and there to save me the embarrasment of wrong pronounciation of the complicated Malay language, we get across just fine. Heck, they're the only people I talk to these days.

No doubt about it, the new principal's going to make more changes in times to come. Who knows what he might come up with! As far as I know, there's a already been two. One, about the prolonging school hours and two, he's not allowing anyone else besides himself to give any forms of speeches during our weekly Monday assembly. Even the Head of Student Affairs, who usually gives talks for more thanchalf an hours or so, is being banned from doing so from now on. Which only brings to shorter assemblies and longer study times. Is he trying to increase productivity?

Maybe this whole change could be another passing matter in a flash? Like what Mr. Rani (B.M, teacher) says, "In a week or two, you'll all get used to it lah. Quit complaining,". Wait, I'm feeling sick. I think I gotta go puke myself of these horrible rumor!!

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