Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hospital Bed.

this is kong kong at the hospital. spent these past couple of days at the hospital. relatives from far and near came around to visit. look at how thin he became since he fell sick a few weeks ago. and now, he's slowly, slipping away, i think. aunts and uncles who came to visit could not hold back their tears. neither could i. at times like this, i just wish i could be a lttle kid once more when i wan't bothered about death. right now, i'd just love to go into my philosophy mode and give my views on death, but sadly, i have a history and add math paper to revise for for tomorrow. oh well, as usual, last minute work. =P


kangknagzfrenz said...

gawd. nvr try to be a kid once again. ur jz trying to escape reality, like living behind curtains of lies. no good. u muz try to face it, but some things are jz too much for ppl ur age, but da good thing is, u can share it with ur family, frenz etc etc. ppl are always der for u eventho they act like dey cud not be bothered bout u... u muz noe dat u noe


matrianklw said...

wow. dat's really inspirational. it's true that we're just trying to hide behind the curtains and yes, we have frens and families to share it with. thanx so much for ur kind advice. it's nice 2 noe ppl do care for me in this life. and thanx for reminding me about all these. appreciate it.

-i still have frenz in life- =P

Anonymous said...

GaWd..WhAt A lOsEr
WhAt Da HeLl Is WrOnG wItH u FrEnZ? u CaNt SeRiOuSlY sAy ThAt Ur A FrEn Of MaTtHeW...
wHaT iS tHiS wOrLd CoMiNg To?
BuT iF u ReAlLy ArE hIs/HeR/iTs FrEn; ThEn U mUsT bE oNe Of HiS "kInD"

lala said...

point that question to urself, k... "what is this world coming to?"... u might be a pretty good example of what this world has become off... with shitbags like u, look urself in the mirror and see who's the loser!!