Saturday, March 18, 2006

Grocery Shopping.

spent the afternoon yesterday grocery shopping with dad and edmund. i'm usually the one who'd like to grocery shop. akak'll make a list of the things she needs, and she'll ask each and everyone of us if there's anything we need to add-on like shampoo, facial wash, food (tidbits) and etc. i used to be pretty good at it also. i'm the one who'll be pushing the trolley and picking up stuff and cancelling them off the list. i'm not sure what this might portray me as, but i like doing it. especially with my family. spend some quality time together.

i mean, it's a good substitute for shopping (oh yea, gimme money and i'll shop till i drop - ironically, yea!). grocery shopping is the only shopping done with a reason. LOL. i get away with mostly everything i want to buy when it comes to grocery shopping. for instance, MY list of grocery would be like tempura fish, yogurts, ham, beacon, vitagen, chocolates, cookies (i just bought "ChipsMore" yesterday), instant noodles (alhough it usually feeds the whole family) and etc. those kind of things are only desired by me and i'll never miss a chance to get it when it's grocery shopping. and when mum says something, i just say, "it's food mii, don't worry!" so i kind of get the things that i like when it's grocery shopping. i know, i'm a pig with all those food. but it's only once in a while. =P

so whenever mum goes grocery shopping, she'll usually go when i'm in tuition or something important that i can't miss - not to say that i can't miss tuition, i usually do. and she'll only come back with the things on THE list which usually saves about a 100 bucks. but when i'm there, the list will never stop. i see something new and i'd like to try, i won't give it a second thought. the receipt will always be over RM200 when it's grocery shopping with me. mom saves money if she doesn't bring me. i guess i'm really a shopping addict. most of the time, i'll let it out in grocery shopping. considering the fact that we (siblings) only get to go shopping for new clothes and stuff once every year, which is the festive season. i wonder who came up with that stupid rule. unless we see something really cheap and good and if dad's there. LOL.

mom will never buy anything. she'll come up with a thousand and one reasons for not letting us buy something. again, unless she sees something (girls products, like a skirt or something) really cheap and if grace talked her into buying it. and if it's with dad, he'll practically say yes to everything we want. for that, mom'll never shut her mouth all the way home usually saying that dad's spoling us. oh well, life with parents, who said it was easy?? LOL. well, now you can see i'm not from a very rich family and we're not spoilt brats that get every single thing we ask for. NO. we definitely don't. instead, we are financially-controlled (wonder what that means!) children.

anyway, back to yesterday. i wasn't at all fast and quick with groceries like i used to be anymore. i only pushed the trolley around seeing things that i like and just taking it. edmund was the one reminding me what to buy and he was the one cancelling the items on the list. didn't get much of anything for myself either. got some yogurt and some cookies and that's all. the only reason i got to go yesterday was that i suggested grocery shopping after seeing the list stuck on the refrigerator for weeks already. as usual, the list went about RM127, i think. it was normal. i was with dad, he was a YES man, and he'd let us buy anything we want. of course, edmund and me got stuff beyond THE list. =P

after that, we proceeded to Bukit Jambul, cause i told dad i wanted to go get some DVDs after like, a year, i think, that we didn't get ourselves some good show to watch. i dared ask him, although, the day before i just went for 2 movies with edward, and now, i'm still asking for movies and the holidays are going to end soon. but as i said, he was a YES man. never said no. so i ended up getting myself 8 DVDs which costs RM56 and dad paid for it. i offered, and he said he'll pay. how can you turn a man down on such an offer?? LOL. somehow, the visit to the pirates told me that i gotta start saving money to purchase me shows (series). i saw Desperate Housewives and The O.C on sale. and the guy who was selling wasn't very generous about "discount-ing" the price for me. i wouldn't buy The O.C, cause i already have the first two seasons downloaded (hell, i spent a long time on that two season to complete downloading) on my computer, so it wasn't necessary. but DH, on the other hand, is necessary. so i made a deal with grace and we're gonna go get it tomorrow. LOL.

later that night, mom "caught" our DVD purchase and boom, she went. another lecture on poor dad for letting us buy so many at once. LOL. i could only shut up and sit by the corner while dad take her blows. LOL. dad said that it's going to be only one time, and it'll take me another six months for the next DVD shopping. man, mom was furious. LOL. luckily she wasn't with us during grocery shopping. i'd probably be dead by now. XD

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