Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cross Country Tomorrow.

It's here pretty early this year, I think. Living in a country that stresses on the importance sports in school, I don't see this going anywhere. Oh, it probably does help the country's development, but what the hell, I don't care. As most of my close ones know, I'm not a sports fan at all, not even a sport's man. To come think of it, I haven't even passed the permission slip to join the cross country yet. Omg, it's tomorrow. I'll probably end up picking rubbish in school like one of the many pupils who are either unallowed by their parents to join the walk/run or who forgot to pass their form in on time. Sick. I can totally skip this thing if I wanted to. But for some reasons, I don't feel like it.

After all, I do have an exemption letter from the doc - which dad got for me out of my complaints on not wanting to attend any sport events in school, but to find out from the doc that I was really not fit (health reasons) to be in sports - to hep me escape this thing. I'd be given no testimonial marks by the end of the year though. Urgh. Thanks to that freaky Ms. Lee (the school's "senior assistant" in co-curricular activities, as Edward might've put it) such a control freak over her work in MONOPOLISING the whole school's co-curricular activities and management.

The thing is, I don't see any benefit in sports IN school. Besides earning points for your testimonial so that everything will be picture perfect when you leave school. It will show others that you probably have sheer determination or maybe leadership through the sports you played or the uniform body you join which eventually will aid you in landing a job. Other than that, it totally doesn't say who you are. I mean, most of the people I know are joning this kind of things in school cause they have to, including me.

As I've expressed my unhappiness of living in Malaysia on certain issues especially on their education. The total obivous fact is like, umm, the major social event of the year in the school is the Sports Day and followed by stuff like cross country and Teacher's Day and so on. The major social events in the western countries, from what I see are like prom, graduation, school anniversaries (which are usually celebrated with a funfair filled with cotton candies and Ferris wheel) and so on. I know that Malaysia brings to the line "rich in culture" but it doesn't mean we need to have lame celebration or events like those. The worse thing is that, I'm not sure if it's the school or the Education Minsitry of Malaysia that's making every single damn thing a MUST (although the funny thing is that they still rewuire parents' consent over matters that they made compulsory)!! The best thing I've heard off in my place was like PFS' Annual Concert or either one of the girls school "canteen day" or "food fair" which neither of them I make an effort to support.

After what I've said, it still doesn't change a goddamn (excuse me for my language) thing that we still have to attend tomorrow's cross country like a bunch of sickos who have nothing better to do on a beautiful Friday morning, like SLEEP!! Urgh. This is how it is in schools of Malaysia under the Ministry of Education of Malaysia under the trusting hands of our Minister of Education Datuk Seri Najib, I think. Ugh, what the hell, I don't even read the papers enough to know the Minister of Education's name!! See all of you who are pretty much like me -victimised by my own school to attend some compulsory walk/run for no reasons besides drawing the very much needed POSITIVE media attention - tomorrow at school!!

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