Saturday, March 18, 2006

Holiday's Over.

once again, the saddest part of a student's life is an ending holiday. oh, it's only been a week that we've been granted holiday by the government. spiritually, living days as it was, this whole week felt more like a year. but holiday-ly, this whole week was just a blink of the eye. with the passing of kong kong, everything felt longer. the days we had to spend at the funeral home. man, it was long. psychologically, it was a normal 24-hour day, but to me, it was more like a weeks stuffed into a day. this has got something to do with the brain, doesn't it?

anyway, this holiday was most affected by kong kong's passing. this whole week, mom and grace had been spending their nights at poh poh's cause she's all alone now. mom and grace had been keeping her company. this explains our extended visits to poh poh's. i mean, we've been spending our past few days there. going back and forth from home to poh poh's. luckily, for me, the only thing that's been keeping me there are my DVDs. i've watched about 4moives altogether since we started going to poh poh's house. c'mon, that's the only thing that keeps me settled at poh poh's besides sleeping.

as we leave this behind, trying our best to settle down and let everything to slowly (and i mean, slowly) flow back to the way it was, we face new days ahead. i'm still not done with my math and add math homework and moral assignments, i think. omg, i cna't even remember my homework already!! LOL. well, it's not the first time you're hearing me complain about my homework which i never got around to complete. got used to it?? LOL.

come to think of it, i haven't even got my haircut since last month i think. oh, the school implemented a new hair rule that it should not be any longer than 1cm i think. i can't believe i haven't posted this before. i guess it wasn't a very big deal for me to go bald, unlike everyone else, in school. it has bring it's benefits such as, the saving on hair gel and i can sleep anywhere or anytime i want now without worrying that it could wreck my hairstyle. LOL. can't imagine how vain i was! it's like, i can totally put my head down and lay down in the car whenever i want now, and that rocks (at least for me)!!

oh man, everyone knows it's going to be drag to be going to school once again after the whole week of messed up routine. example, waking up at 12pm in the afternoon and going to bed at 5am in the morning. is that what all teenagers do these days?? the farthest i can go is 3am, and i have to go bed already, with the consequences that my eyes are going to swell tomorrow! LOL. i'm not like every other teenager, i guess. =). ugh, imagine waking up to akak's screams at 6am in the morning!! i wonder how weird it's gonna be now, cause the last time i woke up at 6am at akak's call was to the news of kong kong's passing.

"i don't wanna go to school!!" as the inside me scream like a three year old being forced by his parents to go to school!!

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