Friday, March 24, 2006

Cross Country - Shoes.

This is a little weird I know, but I had nothing to do at that time when Edward didn't show. He was the one who told me to attend that cross cuntry anyway. If it wasn't for him and my newly purchased Lee Hom album, I wouldn't even be bothered to have a htought of going there. He wanted to borrow it from me after a little pleading that I relented to. And he didn't show up! Urgh!

Anyway, he said he got up late and that he didn't hear the alarm ring. I totally believed him. It's just that, through all these years of perfect attendance I assumed that you might be absent from school at least once a year on the account of you missing the alarm. After all these years of betting with myself (this is whack), he chose today to fullfill my assumption (sort of a hope or a wish in a positive way).

I've never been bothered to attend any of these things since I got into the school, thus proving that I've been leaving Edward alone to attend it, (all these years) but I'm sure he's unlike me, a loner who doesn't have anyone to talk with when the best friend is not around. He probably has like a thousand other friends who can talk about games with him. But beggining from last year, Edward and Khye Yih (another friend of mine) made me came. Same goes to this year also, except the fact that the GUY who made me come didn't show up! Is this some sort of a revenge?? I can't see it. LOL.

The cross country was all boring as usual. It was raining and Ms. Lee (impatiently) couldn't stand the hold up from her BIG event when she ordered us to get down to the field straightaway while it was still drizzling. Hoping that the rain would go away if she did things her way and go against nature, she was wrong. The rain fell on us as gentle as ever, well of course, it was only drizzling. LOL. But everyone kind of gave her the support the old lady needed. It began with the aerobics (when all the teachers joined in the aerobics, it was hilarious!!) and ended with prize giving. You know, the usual stuff.

It was raining the whole time. By the time I finished the whole route, my feet were burning. I couldn't sit on the grass which has already been trempled by the thousands of students, all muddy and wet. I stood instead. And I noticed that most of the students (whom I might consider experienced) were wearing all sorts of different kind of shoes (nevertheless, branded) instead of normal school shoe like I was wearing. No wonder my feet were so painful after a 5kilometre walk under the rain on hard tar. Urgh.

Then I began to wonder how comfortable their shoes were and how pampered their feet were while mine felt lousy. The longer I stared at the ground, the more shoes I realised that they were wearing, all bearing different brands and styles. My head was following them around, every pair of shoes that passed by in front of me, having questions like "How much did that cost?" or "How comfortable could it be?" running through my mind, like the shoes that were crossing me. It struck me later that I should be in their shoes to find out how their feet were feeling and how comfy it was. I concluded withe the phrase "wait till you're in my shoes, then you'll know how I feel" (I know this isn't the right phrase!) or something like that. I can't remember the whole thing exactly.

I guess the creator (is that the origins of phrases, that it's created by someone or it just pops out from nowhere?) of that phrase created it with full of meaning and curiosity. Well, anyway, the event ended with the school bell. Couldn't be less bothered. There goes my beautiful Friday morning fit for sleeping.

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