Sunday, January 22, 2006

CNY Shopping - The Other Side.

*yawns*. look at the time now. i'm still not asleep. i should be. i have to wake up like, 6.00 in the morning tomorrow to go to the market. CNY food supply shopping. and we're picking amah up at abt 6.30 (she knows what to buy, especially her joss sticks and religious stuff). it's most probably done at this time around every year. you can't buy the food too late cause most shops will be closed by then. everyone closes for CNY. so this is the week before CNY and i'm thinking there'll be a flood of crowd tomorrow at the market. *sighs*. once again, i hope i had my camera with me. i'm gonna eat so much tomorrow. it's been like a year since the last time i visited the wet market downtown. all my favourite food like "char koay kak", "curry mee", "euu cha kuih", and "nasi lemak". i grew up at that area of town and i grew up with that kinda food. so you can't blame for the craving after all these years. *yawns*. i'd better go now. good nite.

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