Thursday, January 12, 2006

The O.C.!!

omg, i fell in love with another show, again!! this time, it's The O.C.!! omg! it's such a nice movie!! i can't get enough of it!! it's so nice!! the hot couple, Marissa and Ryan!! they're so freaking hot!! i just love the whole show!! i know it's a little bit outdated, but when it was airing on 8Tv, i didn't watch it at all. i guess i have this something (a grudge) against 8TV. i always think that they always do their best job at stealing good shows from Star World!! so i hate them. i only watch shows like Malaysian idol and Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. btw, did you watch Carson's acting debut on "The Perfect Man" (it's not a gay movie la!!) starring the one and only gorgeous Hilary Duff!! he's so funny!! LOL. so i never watched it when it was on 8TV. i mean, i pay for Star World, i'm just gonna watch it there! LOL.

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