Sunday, January 22, 2006

i just woke up from an afternoon nap. i had to sleep, waking up at 6.00 to the market was tiring enough than to walk the whole market with an overflowing crowd. i'm still sleepy and i feel like a piece of crap now. i feel lousy. i was helping mom with the peanut cookies just now, cause she had to do her work from office on the comp. so i started doing making the mould for the cookie myself. straight after two hours, dad came in and helped. and for no reasons, eh started talking about me. he said its funny how the way i use my electronics cause everything that crosses my hands, it's wrecked. i was like, what the hell? it's not freaking true. then he made an example of the camera. he said, "let's say that a camera was built for a 1000 pics, and users most probably use a 1000 pics over three years and if it's in my case, i'd have taken a 100 pics over three months." i was like, "oh puhlease, where in the world do people build cameras depending on the amount of pics it can take??". and then, both of us argued for our own points. "fine, i'm not gonna argue with you about this stupid topin anyway, it doesn't make sense. this is what happens when both of us talk about electronics. the other always thinks they know more about the other," i shot at him. "see, that's why you don't ever learn a thing, you're so stubborn. i'm gonna go ask an experienced photographer," he shot back at me. and the whole environment melted into silence. and me being there around the table felt awkward. so i decided to take off, in the most polite way that i possibly could. my sleepines was overpowering me, anyway. i got up, washed my hands, went into the room, and went straight to bed. and now, i feel like mush. i'm feeling sorry. ugh, this always happens. the feeling sucks now.

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