Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gua Tempurung Roadtrip!!

did i ever mentioned that i spent my new year's day in a cave?? so exciting!! he's friends invited him to Gua Tempurung. he went there before, and was kind of reluctant to say yes. and i was there. he took the excuse of wanting to take me there to go for a second visit to the cave. and i tell you, the experience was amazing!! fabulous!! beyond my words of explanation!! i really enjoyed every moment of it!! it was so beautiful!! i'm sure there are other caves in the world which is much better than this, but i'll leave that in the future. the night before, i went down to upper Penang Road for the new year countdown, besides having the excuse of visiting Grace at her workplace. and reached home at about 2a.m. by the time i went to sleep, it was about 3a.m. and i had to wke up at 6a.m. in the morning. it took us 2 hours to reach there from penang. and another 2 hours to get back, of course. i was under ah chiu's care, and ah chiu's fiance, which i'm suppose to address as "jiu mu" (chinese addressing!! never really understood them!! all sorts of aunties and uncles!!) brought her friend along. four of us was in a car. and ah chiu's buddies was in another car, 3 of them. which makes us 7 altogether.

anyway, the entrance fee for the cave wasn't expensive. if i'm not mistaken it was only RM22 for adult for the Grand Tour. it's generally an adventure tour into the cave. adventure meaning up and down cliffs, underground passages, walking along the river and stuff like that. it's not for the fain-hearted!! LOL. there are other kinds of tour like Dry Tour, Wet Tour and something else, and the Grand Tour consists of everything which is about 4 hours. yeap, imagine being in a cave in total darkness for 4 hours. the only source of light was from the torchlight that one has to bring. i brought a small one, and it was so annoying. vision was narrowed to only 10% of the walkway. and i was too busy watching my steps than to enjoy my surroundings. but i still had a great time. it's a guided tour, of course. and you'll go in dry and come out absolutely soaked (of sweat and river water, including a small amount of mud)!! it was so beautiful!! but i've gotta say that the facilitators could do a better job of upkeeping the place. there was rubbish around everywhere. it was a sore to the eye. but it was rather dark, so noone might ever notice.

it was a very interesting experience. and i'll recommend it to anyone who is going to Ipoh or Perak. it's not far away from the 2 places. it's fun to be this close to nature and constantly thinking that this enormous , beautiful giant was the work of God. mothernature at it's best!! oh i love being in the outdoors doing fun stuffs like this!! exploring nature!! some might say, "Why should i pay to get myself stuck in the dark and to get myself wet?? what a waste of time!!". pity them for they do not know what is best!! LOL. nevertheless, it was rather exhausting. climbing flights of endless staircases that never leads to a halt, was pretty much enough to decribe the word tired. crawling on ur knees at some really slim areas was just one of their attractions. and the down part for me was there was no camera. ah chiu forbade me to bring it along cause he knows we're gonna get wet from head to toe. but if i had a underwater casing, it'll be magical!! well, for more information, go here or here.

oh well, the fun didn't end here. ah chiu's friends brought us right into the heart of Ipohtown for some food. guess what, only the best "bean sprout chicken rice" of ipoh!! it was so good!! it was a brilliant!! you have to go try it when you're in ipoh or something!! it tastes so good!! and after that, thet wanted to go shopping at Jaya Jusco. Jaya Jusco wouldn't survive a day in penang, but in Ipoh, it was a big hit!! it's like their own version of Gurney Plaza. and it was so crowded. after a few minutes of walking, they couldn't hide their tiredness any longer, and they decided to retreat. and from there, we parted and say our goodbyes. and at the end of the day, i just couldn't get enough of Gua Tempurung!! it's the coolest place i've ever been too so far!!

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