Sunday, January 15, 2006

Photographer's Philosophy - Pete Orelup

"It occured to me as I was taking these long exposures, that all nature, landscape, and outdoor photographers are really astronomers. We anticipate astronomical events like sunrise, sunset, full moon, and "magic hour" all the time. Since becoming photo obsessed, I'm much more aware of the moon's cycles, and where on the horizon the sun will set today. Those at higher latitudes have much different light in December than in June.

No great revelation, I know, but before this morning, I'd never really thought of it in these terms. Photography is about light, and outdoor photography brings you in touch with nature. Light in nature: astronomy." - Pete Orelup

Well, I don't really know this guy except that he's a really really good photographer!! Maybe it's because of his nature shots that I can relate to. He is so amazing!! I met him in Flickr and I think he doesn't even know me although I added him as a friend. He's shots are just amazing!! Visit his Flikcr page here. I hoep he doesn't mind me "promoting" him here. It's just that I find his concept of photographers amazingly true!! Oh, how I wish I could actaully meet him one day. Below is a sample of his unbelievable photography skills entitled "Drop". One of the inspirational shots from him!!

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