Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Afternoon.

After recovering from all that I-got-my-BRATs-applictaion-accepted fever, I got settled down for the day with a refreshing shower, getting rid of last night's remains from sleep. I was staring at the mail for quite some time, reading the 'congratulations' letter, the forms, the schedule for the workshop and the rules and regulations for the workshop, going through it over and over again. Close to a few hundred times, I can say. After that, I spent my whole day in front of the computer doing... OK, I'm not sure what I was doing. Although I did have a few attempts of pulling myself away and actually trying to open the almost-Bible-thick History book of mine, which apparantly, brought to nothing but more time on the computer and more disgust on the opened, untouched book on the desk.

By the time it was 4.30p.m. I realised that I've spent quite a load of time on the computer, surfing. My eyes dread the sight of another flicker of light from the monitor screen and my ears would bleed at another sound of the keyboard being typed at. I needed a break from the computer. So I decided to take a walk out of my room. Had a little chit-chat with akak over some hot milo in my hands, since we were the only ones at home then. Had a few laughs and I decided to watch a movie. Considering that I still had un-watched DVDs in the TV-set cupboard. Browsed a little and Elizabethtown was my pick. The perfect show for a peaceful, quiet, lonely, rainy afternoon. Yeap, that's right. Me and the TV only.

I closed the sliding door of as it was beginning to turn into a downpour and the clouds just looked promising for a dark day. I inserted the DVD into the player, sat back and relax. Akak wasn't invited to the party I was holding to celebrate the peace around with the TV. She was busy cleaning the kitchen anyway. I was so looking forward to an afternoon to myself. I am selfish, I know. Elizabethtown was a movie that I've longed to watch since the day I bought it, but never got around to it, considering that it was never a perfect time to do so. But today seemed rather perfect for a show like that. With the sound of rain crashing on the roof of the houses and with the chilliness of a cold day in December, I could almost fall asleep. Unfortuntaely, good things never last, at least, not for long.

Not even half an hour through the movie, the door bell rang. I couldn't be bothered to peek through peep-hole of the door to see who it was and I just quickly unlocked it, so engrossed with the movie that I almost flew across the room to get to the door and back. Grace and dad materialised in front of me. They were from the chiropractor's, getting treatment for Grace's wrist. So there I was, half watching them at the door and half still watching Claire (Kirsten Dunst) talking to Drew (Orlando Bloom) on the plane, thinking, "Great, there goes my afternoon."

Grace, however, took the liberty to not make my assumption wrong, said something about the show.

Grace : What movie is this?
Matt : Elizabethtown.
Grace : Awww, what a boring movie! Why are you watching such a slow and boring movie anyway?
Matt : Cause I can and I understand. Not to mention sentimental and romantic.
Grace : Yeah, right.

Taking in account of what she said, she wasn't invited to my party of celebrating peace with the TV anymore. She went to take an afternoon nap while dad stood at the hallway watching the movie. It's not that he was punished or anything, but the hallway could easily see the TV. It's where all of us stands when we want to catch a glimpse of a movie but we're not sure if it's interesting or that we're busy. That's for all the standing-in-the-hallway-watching-the-TV routine. Not long for that, dad sat down on the floor beside me (we haven't got ourselves a couch yet). I felt weird. Just plain weird.

Matt : What are you doing?
Dad : What? I'm watching a movie. Are you not allowing me?
Matt : Umm... no.
Dad : Alright then.
Matt : But it's a very very boring and slow movie. You robably wouldn't understand it. It's romance.
Dad : Are you suggesting that I'm stupid?
Matt : No.

And there he was, till the last 30 minutes of the movie. We didn't talk. And I wasn't sure if he understood the movie entirely. To add up to the level of weirdness and awkwardness at that time, Elizabethtown was almost, so close, to a father and son movie. When Drew saw his dad lying in the coffin, I was so afraid that MY dad might say something connected to his death in the future. Not that I can't answer, but NOT at that time. Don't get me wrong (lately, whatever I'm saying seems to come out in a different, more offensive way) . I really do have a strong bond and relationship between dad and me. We're honest to each other. But often, ideas and opinions of two different man are the cause of all quarrels. Now, that's when toleraation and respect comes running along into our lives! But watching a romance movie with your dad could be really different.

Then, it dawned on me again. Great! I'm stuck watching a romance movie now with my old man. Worse than watching The Fog with mom! I'm a bigger loser than I think I am! While others weren't invited to my celebration of peace (with the TV only), dad invited himself and indeed, made himself comfy. But after all, it wasn't as bad as you think it would be (or as I said it). It was just allright. Not the best companion for a romance movie but it was ok. Oh well, not that I have anything against family members... but certain genres of movies are only suitable watching with a family member.


savante said...

So how was the movie? WAtchable?!


matrianklw said...

Oh yea, it was watchable, Paul. Kind of romantic. It's surprising how the movie revolves around Drew's (Orlando Bloom) "fiasco" and the detah of his father. The whole movie was kind of focused on the the detah of his dad, really. His relationship between Claire (Kirsten Dunst) was just a little part of the movie. But a ver good part of it. They were both hesitant on admitting their love, but at the end, Claire lead them together.

We both know I'm not a very good movie critique. That was through my understanding. Ain't very bright, as you can see. But, it's a good movie to me. A perfect movie to be watched with your mate, not your family members. Unless it's your sister, of course. Or maybe me. ;-)