Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Skip School.

Here I am, after my morning post. If you were wondering, I did go all the way down to school earlier just now. Sitting in the perfumed car on the way down to school had me thinking for a bit. I was shocked to see all the "signs" that were unevidently (I took it as unevidently) stopping me from attending school today. While I was sitting on the co-driver seat, looking out the windshield at the flashing lights and passing images of homes, cars, bikes, people and trees under the (only) light source of the many lamp posts along the whole road, I summed up all the "signs" I was having this morning.
  1. The sports event itself was a big factor for me to not attend school.
  2. I brought the wrong books to school - I packed my books for Tuesday, not Wednesday.
  3. Wasn't even sure I was wearing the right attire as I couldn't spot another person with the same attire.
  4. I had to stay back after school for co-curricular activites which I'm totally not fond off.
  5. I missed last night's North Shore on TV and the only time I could catch its repeat is later at 2 p.m.
  6. I still haven't finish with Aiman's pen drive which he reluctantly passed it to me last week to fill it up with songs he requested. Couldn't face him.
So I thought to myself, "I probably shouldn't attend school with all these signs I'm seeing. Maybe there was going to be an explosion today? Assasination perhaps?" Before the car reached the school gate, I hurriedly shot dad the question (or request) that I've been battling with myself whether to ask dad or not through the whole ride to school.

Matt : (whispers) Can I skip school today?
Dad : What? I can't hear you.
Matt : (softly) Can I skip school today?
Dad : What! Why?
Matt : Ummm...
Dad : But you said you weren't gonna go tomorrow.
Matt : Ok ok, I'll go tomorrow. Just not today.
Dad : (silent)

The reason why I said I wasn't going to go tomorrow is cause I won't be going on Friday cause it's Good Friday then. The sports event is still on on Thursday and you know me, not really into all these stuff and if there was a chance to run away from it, I will. I was thinking of a four day self-declared holiday in a stretch. But things seem to happen out of my expectations, I guess I'll just have to take it.

Riding in the car back home was awkward. Neither did dad nor me make a sound throughout the 30 minutes journey from school to home and vice versa. He looked as stern as he always do when he's cross, and his silence only adds up to the intense feeling I was having after being so bold to shoot the question at him a mile before we reached school. I broke the ice, like I always do. Silence scares the hell out of me.

Matt : Are you mad?
Dad : No. (mumbles) Why would I be mad...
Matt : I don't know, you look mad. Is it because I skipped school?
Dad : No.
Matt : Are you sure?
Dad : (laughs a little, showing his yellow, almost-rotted line of uneven teeth)

I think I heard him mumbling something like "skip" and "school". But his smile assured me he was alright.

But I've got a pretty bad feeling about this. The principal's most probably going to announce his changes today during assembly and will so suddenly come up with a new rule for punishing all absentees when he sees the surprising number of absentees during a sports event. I'm not the only one who would skip silly sport events in school!

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