Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too Early.

My afternoons these past few days have been nothing but rain, rain and rain. It does give a cooling effect to the atmosphere. I keep myself busy, thinking about my upcoming KL trip, thinking about redecorating the house, blogging, internet surfing, downloading and watching The O.C and Desperate Housewives to put my mind off worrying stuff like exams and the rain.

Edmund's birthday is this Sunday and we still haven't got him a gift. Dad had asked Father Francis Anthony (Cathedral Of The Holy Spirit's Parish Priest) if he could come over to our house for blessing. Dad thought that the house needed a blessing "renewal" after the renovation. He also thought that with the increasing amount of times we've been quarelling amongst ourselves, the house seriosuly needs blessings. Dad asked Father FA to pick a date when he's free and when he'll be able to come over to bless our home. Coincidentally, Father FA poked at the box bearing the number 23 under the April page of his calender, when we asked him when was he free. That's the only time he's going to be free, according to him. So, Sunday it is!

It clashes with Edmund's birthday and since we couldn't celebrate birthdays, we thought we could celebrate the blessing in conjunction with Edmund's birthday as well. No cake, no singing of songs, no candles, but just a small gathering of immediate family members with some food thrown in. We invited Mr. Gerard (the choir master) since he was so eager to see our renovated home after so long and this blessing could be the perfect time. He was happy to come upon invitation.

After three months of residing in our home, let's just say, things are a bit in a mess. Since I'm the free-est (by free-est, I mean, sitting at home all day long in front of the computer!) member of the family, I was given the responsibility to "clear up" the home. I haven't been doing much as you can see. I haven't switched to my over-obsessive-cleaning Bree Van De Kamp mode yet. When I do, the whole house would be sparkling clean and I'll be soaking wet in sweat! LOL. That's the way things are around here. I still think ti's too early to do anything with the house. By the time it's Sunday, it'll be back to square one.

And I haven't been busy packing for my KL trip neither. I think it's too early also. Why not just sit back and relax? My afternoons consists of me lying on my bed with Elizabethtown Soundtrack playing on my computer, staring into space, and thinking about a whole lot of stuff. I know, it's relaxing.

I guess that's just my style. Not wanting to do anything while I have the time in my hand. Waiting till the last minute arrives then I'll be rushing like hell. Last minute man, I am!

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