Saturday, April 22, 2006

Shopping - Second Attempt.

After our failed attempt to get Edmund a gift for his birthday this Sunday, Grace decided to go for another shopping spree. It wasn't exactly our best choice of shopping mall but it was near from the house and we were looking for something cheap - not expensive kinda way. With all those Bangladesh and Malay (I'm not a racist at all but these people are the ones that look like they have nothing better to do than to HANG OUT and just crowd the place up with their free-ness) people loitering around and it being notoriously known for its piracy goods and , Bukit Jambul doesn't sound that bad for once.

We proceeded with the plan. I meet up with Grace at her workplace (which is just a walk away from BJ) and dad gave us a lift since he was on his way to work also. Dad dropped us at the main entrance of the mall and we got on to our watch-hunting (Grace is still persistent to get a watch for him). BJ was obviously well-known for its cheap goods and it's not really hard to get yourself a great bargain if you were like me, a Penangite who knows how to sweet-talk his way through.

After a little bit of BJ air, we stopped by our first watch shop. Looked around and saw some really ok watches for an 8 year old. It's always fun when it comes to shopping with Grace. We talk alot while we linger/stride along the empty walkways of the malls, with the onlooking salesperson standing at the entrance of their respective shops, looking like they're going to run out of business anytime soon due to the lack of customers. We discuss about issues, both personal and social. When I'm shopping with her, the sight of a rude or an unwelcoming salesperson will automatically forbid us from entering a particular shop even if it everything on the shelves were free. Both of us just don't agree to the impoliteness of a salesperson.

I'm getting off track again. We did found a perfect watch for him in the first shop but Grace wasn't in a hurry to get it. Grace wanted to a little more browsing for other watches in other shops. We left the shop with a simple smile and a polite 'Thank you' to the salesman who was kind enough to open one of his glass shelves to let us have a closer view of the watches we wanted. We walked and talked and went into shops after shops. At our third stop - excluding all those stops we made when we see something intereting through the display window - and after much convincing when she saw that the first shop was the only one that had the one we were looking for, we went back to the first shop. The salesman was happy to see us back in such a short time. We got what we came for.

We were supposed to call dad after we finished but... that thought kinda slipped off our minds with the temptations of cheap goods all over the place. We decided to stay a little longer. Since Grace is working now and that she has a little earning she can afford to splurge on herself if she actually wants to. Sadly, she's the thrifty one amongst us three siblings, despite the times she keeps telling me about how many things she could buy (for her and for me) if she had all the money in the world. She's been really careful in her expenditure lately. Maybe it's because of the upcoming KL trip and she plans to go shopping? I think I've heard her mentioned something about shopping in KL throughout the whole time when we were walking together.

The sudden change of course from watch-shopping to window shopping resulted both of us in getting each ourselves a bag, with our own oney, of course. I spent about RM70 altogether for my bag. WE couldn't help it. I fell in love with the bag (a huge light-beige coloured sling bag that really stresses on the "ragged" fashion nowadays) I saw and she needed a new bag. I don't see no harm to it. Not to say that I'm a trend disciple (definitely not!), but the size of the bag was really big. The ragged look was just an extra bonus to the size. Added with a little convincing from the saleswoman, I couldn't help but to draw my wallet out slowly.

When the saleswoman handed over to me my purchase and my receipt with the change, it made me realise that this was the first time I was spending so much on myself since... since... I don't know when! Can you believe it? It's like, I haven't bought anything for myself after such a - as long as I can remember- time! I was pleased and Grace though the bag wasn't bad at all. We thought we could bring it to KL this Monday night (our flight is at 10 p.m.) fully aware that our bags would be somewhat outdated in that city.

Speaking of which, Grace is packing her share of things in (just) a luggage we are going to bring, besides other personal stuff in our own bags. I'm going to have to start packing also, I think.

Wait a minute, I still have to attend school on Monday! *gasps* That means, I still have my History essayS to complete. I guess the packing will have to wait.

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