Thursday, April 06, 2006

Racist P.E. Teacher.

As I just mentioned about my dislikeness of Physical Education (PE) under the (once again) Ministry Of Education Of Malaysia, something that happened today made me hate it more. I was going to force this in into the previous post but figured that it was going to be too long for anyone to actually read the whole thing through without requiring them to constantly adjust their contact lenses to focus on the orange words of my blog. So I fitted in right here.

So, I was down at the field with the other classmates who were dressed perfectly for a soccer match while I was still in my unifrom consisting of shirt and the old navy-green long pants (wonder when they'll ever change this unform) and the school tie, watching the rest of them line up forming a straight line, ready for a jog around around the track as a warm up. The PE teacher, Mr. Z got hold of the observation (direct translation from the Malay word 'pemantauan') book. A book which can be seen in every single class of the whole school, kept for observation of the student's behaviour, class cleanliness and teacher's attendance into the class. The merit-demerit system explains it all. Another one of the many stupid things done by the ministry.

I might just as well be sued to court with my mocking of the ministry. Just waiting for the day to come. =P.

So this book is for all sorts of records especially for demerits. A demerit is the process of subtracting a student's given points of 100 each year. Demerit is only given to a student when the student's name are recorded in the book for misbehaving like truancy, disrespectful to the teacher, fighting in class, not completing homework and etc etc. Anything can happen in an all-boys school! Never understimate us.

So back to Mr. Z (he's given name sounds villainous enough). So he was counting the number of pupils at the field compared to the number of students present in a class for school that day. We were lack of three people. 2 Chinese students and one Malay student.

Mr. Z usually questions the others first of their whereabouts, in case they were busy doing something or was caught up in other things that might be excusable to miss class. As what all the Malays (which is 98% of the entire class) usually do for the sake of "friendship", they'll make up all sorts of stories that might help their own kind. Please forgive me for sounding so much like a racist. It's the only way to do it. Mr. Z being a Mal
ay himself would definitely let it slide through. When asked about the other 2 Chinese students, I being the only Chinese left there, couldn't possibly lie and them Malays weren't fond about helping others. Not in such a case. They were all obviously playing the cards of truancy. Mr. Z took no hesitation on wiritng their names down in the book which will be scanned through everyday by the Head of Student Affairs and severe actions (punishment) will be given to the students listed. Especially truancy.

Then I thought to myself that it was really an act out of racism. He knew the other Malay guy was betting on his card of truancy but he didn't even bother to list him down. My point of view towards Mr. Z changed from that moment onwards. Which century are we living in now?? How can a teacher still have this kind of attitude against other races?? I can't believe racism still runs, especially in Malaysia. What happened to "Perpaduan Rakyat" (which means "United Amongst Nations")?? I guess the Malays still have their own perspective. When will they ever change? I'm not meaning every single Malays
out there. ONLY a certain amount of them are still not exposed to the outside world.

When will that be? When will it happen? If we have reached a mutual understanding between humans, if we have broken the invisible barrier of colours and religion, this would not happen. It's so sad to see them, still caught up in their own world, unaware of what's happening out there. Unaware of the level of peace they can reach.

Maybe I interpreted his actions wrongly. But it really looked like what I said. He was such a racist pug. Even if I did, there are still other instances of racism going on in this little country of Malaysia. None that I can think off immediately, but there is. Even in the little class of 23 pupils of mine does show a little act of racism from the teachers as well as the students. The way they speak, the way they communicate, the way they look at me, etc etc. Their body language says it all. Well, there are only 3 Chinese students in the class. What can you expect?

All these thoughts went through my mind when I looked at the names written on the book. Pity-ing them for being victims of racism, on one hand, but on the other, serves them right for playing the cards of truancy, I thought.*sighs*. As I said to myself, silently, Mr. Z started to yell from the other side of the field, signalling all of us to gather round to get back to class. Another sad series of changing in class. I'm saved from it this time.

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