Monday, April 03, 2006

Typically Malaysians.

I wasn't going to post anything today but after checking my emails (few hundreds of them), this stroke me the most as I saw the new compiled book of the comics advertised on the papers today. I just had to post them up. These aren't the best potrayal of Malaysians done by C.W. Kee (I think that the name of the author/artist), though. His strips of comics entitled "Kee's World" are published daily in the STAR papers at the comics section. I'm always a fan of it as it really depicts Malaysians and their lifestyles and political issues in a very comical way. The author/artist has already published 3 books if I'm not mistaken entitled "Durian Life". His third and latest one was advertised in the papers today entitled "More Durian Life" which is available at local bookstores at the price of RM18.00. So far, I have not any of his books, but I'd be happy to get them! By the way, the mail was forwarded to me by Edward.

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