Tuesday, April 18, 2006

School Extended.

My life's slowly taking a turning point from good to bad. Still in the 'bad' category. Yesterday, I saw the new timetable of the school. The dreaded piece of paper caught my eye when one of my classmates was about to post it on the notice board at the back of the class. I stopped him and snatched the paper (as if not allowing him - or rather, not allowing reality - to post it on the board) away from him to take a closer look. It was true! Evidently, in black and white, printed, right in front of my eyes! That principal has successfully done it. He extended the timetable!

I took the paper away from him to go photostate another copy for myself. To have a clearer view of it and to brawl over the paper like some sicko who just got his results and is not happy over it. Staring at it aimlessly, thinking about all those things I could've done with that extended time (15 minutes extra). Pretty much nothing at all. But the thought of sitting in class, almost not paying any attention at all to what the teacher might be saying, for another extra 15 minutes seems to be horrifying. I mean, everytime, before the long hand of the battery operated clock hung above the blackboard of the class reaches the number '4', I'd be already waiting with both my eyes afixed to it, watching it tick away down to the second the bell might ring. And now, another extra 15 minutes is like forever in the class!

Unfortunately, there's no escaping from it, unless, of course, if I transfer to another school. Until then, I'll just have to face the music.

On a brighter note, Grace got a phone call yesterday from Malaya University asking her to come for an interview next Tuesday (25/4). Excited she is about the interview! She'll have to take a bus or fly down to Kuala Lumpur for the interview, then. I offered her my acquaintance, for sure. Who wouldn't want a free trip down to KL although it's just for less than 24hours. She bought my idea and told mom about the news as sson as she got home.

Airflight tickets have been bought for the both of us. I'm going to KL next Monday night and will be back on Wednesday morning! Sadly enough, I still have to attend school on Monday.

Oh well, it doesn't really matter now. We're going to KL, unsupervised! It'll be like an adventure outing. LOL. Finding our ways through the bustling city of KL? Nothing interesting...

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