Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cleaning and Webcam.

On Friday, I somehow managed to launch my cleaning self and technically, filled one of my rainy afternoons cleaning mom's room and my room, in preparation of the, let's call it, post housewarming tomorrow. Dust my cupboards, shelves and table. Although I'm fully aware that my health condition (asthma) doesn't really allow me to befriend my worst enemy, dust, I'm oddly attarcted to cleaning. Especially when it has a little to do with decorating or interior design. I may not have the best idea around, but at least I have an idea to what interior designing is. Sadly enough for me, I'm usually (financially) incapable to afford any ideas of my own. But what does it matter? I work with what I got.

I changed my wardrobe, literally. I mean, I changed the position of the things in my wardrobe. Now that my briefs are facing north, I think I can go to sleep peacefully at night. LOL. I seriously don't indulge myself with excessive feng-shui knowledge. I just made that briefs facing north thing up. I don't even know where my briefs are facing. I'm just trying to say that I'm not like the other regular teenage guys out there who needs their moms to yell at them to clean up their room or worse, who needs their mom to do the cleaning up for them because they're so f-ing lazy to at least clean up their own mess. I am lazy when it comes to homework, but when it's housework, I don't know why I enjoy doing most of the things. I was probably brought up the hard way.

As for mom's room, I did some alteration to her personal altar. Kept those dust-collecting, thick Bibles that were left lying around at both ends of the Mother Mary portrait. I couldn't care less what she might say when she gets back home. I just needed to clear everything that was an eye-sore to me! I didn't have the time to venture into either her wardrobe or dad's. But I did a little sprucing up at her dressing table and the numerous shelves that came along with the cabinet. Shift her perfumes a little to the left, and her make-ups a little to the right, and her daily lotions a little to the back. Took out her jewellery box for little displays and wiped her mirror. Akak changed her current simple blue bed sheets to bright pink floral motif sheets with laces hanging low from it, covering the bed legs while I arranged her wedding photos on her bed-head and VOILA! That was about it. Everything had to be detailed and thus, it took me quite long.

I saw that Grace managed her room well and I stayed out of it. Dust a little in her room and left. She had alot of displays of stuffed animals and dolls. Me messing with those will definitely send me spinning into the hospital bed.

I continued a little cleaning today with the outside TV set cabinet. I arranged my DVDs in an orderly manner and hid all the hideous wires that were sticking out from the TV to the different consoles/players. But got carried away with the insertion of Desperate Housewives DVD Season 2 Episode 5. I ended up sitting in front of the TV with the damped rag on my hands, watching Desperate Housewives until I got distracted again by Carina's constant nudging through MSN to webcam with me.

Adrian and Carina got themselves a webcam last week and we've been practically webcamming with each other from then on. I get some company when I'm alone in my room and in return, they get to flaunt their EXPENSIVE Logitech webcam with a internal built-in microphone and flash around to me. At least that's what I heard. My webcam, however, to be compared, is nothing as good as their's. It doesn't really matter. Mine is still in good shape and is still usable. No hurry for a better one. But there's definitely been a little debate going on between mom and dad whether or not to get me a new monitor. The other family members have also hopped on along with us in our little webcam wagon and it gives them the creepers to see Adrian on the other line with pink skin. Pink is not my color! To them, this whole webcam conference thing is something new and yet to be explored and needs a little getting used to. Not to mention my other aunties have not left themselves behind with sudden (secret) purchases of webcams too from ah chiu.

I think I'd better stop here and AT LEAST try to pack my bags for the KL trip. It's Edmund's big day tomorrow. Until then, let's call it a day.

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