Friday, April 28, 2006

The Flight.

Hot make-outs in the plane lavatory.

Teary-eyed drama before boarding the plane.

Actions scenes under the plane.

Lost luggages in the airport.

Getting lost in K.L. (or at least, a shopping mall).

Having an adventure of our own, exploring the city by ourselves.

Delayed flights.

Sadly, none of the abovesaid happened to either Grace or me when we were in K.L. on Tuesday. That were some of the things I was hoping for to happen during our unsupervised one day trip to K.L. It turned out to be well-planned and there was already Grace to come pick us up when we arrived at the new terminal (LCCT terminal) of the K.L. Airport after getting off the red painted AirAsia plane, with the words '' painted in white across it. However, there was a little attention-seeking thing that we both did when we landed in the airport. I pushed Grace around on the trolley when we waited for Grace to arrive. She was complaining about her aching leg and I told her to sit on the trolley. I got bored, and I started pushing her around. Of course, we didn't did the Avril Lavigne-in-the-mall kinda stunt. Just around the whole terminal when everyone couldn't help but stare in awe. It wasn't a big deal.

The flight on AirAsia wasn't a very pleasant one. But there was some funny things I did. You can't blame two teenagers wanting to have some fun or at least creating scene. Just for some laughs and memories. The flight attendants on the plane when we were going was just plain nasty. They were obnoxious and proud. Impolite and bitchy. They actually did nothing in particular to me for me to judge them. But one of them did announce that mobile phones were prohibited on the plane and that a fine of RM600 or jail could be slapped against you after she got fed up of telling a guy to switch his off for only once. And after she made her sarcastic announcement over the microphone of the plane, she walked down the aisle looking like a peacock. I got disgusted and I told Grace, "OMG, look at her. So obnoxious and proud. I'm gonna slap that freaking proud smile off her face!" Grace laughed in agreement! I wonder what got into her cause she was laughing all way long at every little thing I said.

Of course I did crack little jokes along the way. Honestly, I'm not the kind who cracks great jokes that can easily cause anyone to fall flat on the floor, holding his stomach and laugh. At least, that's what the impression Edward gives me whenever I crack a joke and he just gives me that you're-not-funny stare. Somehow, Grace seems to think otherwise. My hands were so itchy and I couldn't help myself but to toch everything I see. I dug the backseat pockets and found a bunch of things like the vomit bag, advertisements and more advertisements. Both of us were just being crazy on the flight and we kept changing places, taking all the vomit bags with us. I got 6 in my bag by the time we actually settled down. Not counting the one we found with chewing gum stuck in it. Ewe. I know that thing is kind of disgusting but we were doing it out of our unsatisfaction towards the flight attendants. Just thought it should compensate with their bad service. Those vomit bags look like bags from Dunkin' Doughnuts and as I counted them, I held it up and said, "Let's go get doughnuts later!" which was enough to send Grace into another fit of hers!

No doubts, they were attempts of acting or creating a scene in the plane. I think we're a little bit too influenced by movies. I mean, we see alot of movies (romantic, action, horror, thriller and etc.) that revolves around the plain. With the lack of flying experience, we thought it would be fun to have our own. I actually suggested to Grace that I was going to go down on one knee and ask her to marry me when we were on the queue before boarding. We would have our own Korean based like drama. "You don't have a ring," she said. "Oh ok," I replied and shut the idea off my mind. It was all just an idea. On flight, I suggested that we both go into the lavatory and pretend that we just made out. We were just going to pretend. I wasn't keen on doing it with my sister. Grace thought it was disgusting. There were some other few ideas that we both could only laugh at in our minds.

Matt : Why not I fake barfing and you start to panick and you call for help.
Grace : That's a good idea! *laughs*
Matt : Then when she actually comes, you tell her to help me.

Grace : And when she finds out you're faking, she'll be so cross!

That wasn't the best idea. So she had another one. We were both having this let's-make-a-scene idea the whole time were 50000
feet (I think. Isn't that what they always say?) above the ground.

Grace : You know, we should've gotten a fake mobile and use it on air.
Matt : Yea yea! Then I'll pretend like I was having a conversation.
Grace : That lady who made the announcement will notice and she'll ask you to turn it off.

Matt : Then I'll ignore her and continue doing it.

Grace : Then I'll say that I'm sorry but you're mentally illand that's just your toy.

Matt : That's a seemingly good idea! *laughs*

Grace : *laughs*
Matt : You know, we could actually be fined for indecent exposure.
Grace : ....

I did switch off my mobile dutifully while we were on air. I waited till the last minute to only switch it off. Iwas still taking pictures. You know, the picture-taking-freak side of me. Another thing that one of the filght attendants (they were all females) did gave me a bad impression towards them. They were pushing the food cart along the aisle and Grace and I thought they were for free. Cause the time when we went to Perth, Australia, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines gave us free food (or we paid for the food together along when we pruchased the flicght tickets). Thankfully, the person siiting behind us ordered first before we did. "That would be RM23, sir," said the flight attendant. Both of us got our eyes widened and immediately kicked out the idea of ordering anything. Grace dug the backseat pocket and found the menu. The prices were absolutely unreasonable! RM7 for an instant cup of noodles!! We're Penangites, and Penangites don't pay THAT much for an instant cup of noodle. Anyway, that wasn't what the flight attendat did.

When the cart came to our seat, we just said no. At that exact moment, the pilot turned on the safety belt sign and the plane suddenly starts shivering. The flight attendant was about to walk away from our seat and I asked her, "Are we going to die?". Of course, I was just fooling around. I expected a polite (I don't mind a little sarcasm with it) reply but instead, what a little kid gets for asking an age old queston was a cold stare and ignorance. She must think that I'm nuts but isn't it in her requirements to answer all questions? "Let's go file a report on AirAsia!" Grace said almost immediately after the flight attendant walked away. We both sat back and laughed again.

Other than that, we couldn't do anything else but to sit and laugh about the ideas. I could tell that Grace was kinda tensed about her interview the next day. Lucky for her, I was there to ease here of her tension and make her laugh. Anyway, we were flying during the night. There wasn't anything to see outside the window and plus, my mobile was switched off. There wasn't alot of pictures to take.

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