Sunday, April 30, 2006

One Day Sale.

I get cranky when I don't get to buy the things I want!!

My relatives from Perth, Australia were here for the weekend. They're probably boarding the plane by now as I'm writing this. Being a a gracious host as I always am, I'm usually the one taking them around, sightseeing, shopping and eating. Not that I can drive, but dad can. I'm just the tour guide and I'm happy to be one. I guess it's in the family's blood to be helpful. They were actually here for business in Sabah and they decided to drop by here for a couple of days before going home. Yesterday, Aunt Teresa decided to go shopping at Sunshine Square to get her list of things before going home today. It's usual. I mean, there's always going to be a list when you're coming to Penang. How can you not have a list of things to buy when you come to Penang?! We have everything here in this beautiful tropical sun island!

I was picked to accompany her and poh poh. Poh poh's been here for the past few weekends. Her children thought it'd be best for her to leave the house on weekends and let her stay with ah chiu. That way, she can attend church and she can tag along if there was something fun to do. Living in Balik Pulau isn't the best place to find fun. Trust me on that. I grew up there. Unless, of course you're new to the place, you like durian and if we were living in one of those traditional houses in the midst of the forest. Balik Pulau can just turn into a tiny little heaven given the ircumstances like that. By the way, the durian season is said to be in May. Anyone interested? Come to my place and we can have durian. I have a distant uncle who owns a durian orchard. Nothing free but much more cheaper.

Alrite, back to shopping. So, me being the only child at home at that time, I was forced to accompany them cause I'm best known to knowing every turn and corner a mall has. Let's say, I'm a frequent shopper. Considering that there wasn't anything much on her list, the nearest mall we could go to was Sunshine Square. The best place for grocery shopping and for housewives to get daily fresh supply of food. But it's usually the wet market that gets credit fro fresh clean food and I just can't see why. Have you been to a wet market lately? Do you think it's clean and fresh? The smell of rotten fish and meat don't make it look all fresh to me. Somehow, I'm still a faithful shopper at the old traditional wet market. I grew up following my grandmothers and mother to the wet market. I can say that there's a little attraction there.

Anyway, as far as I know, no one took the initiative to inform me that there was a one day sale at SS. I kind of figured that out when I saw the parking area of SS congested and the sight of shoppers, literally, rushing out with their purchases looking as if that there might be a possibility of them getting robbed.

Matt : Dad, is there a one-day sale that I don't know off?
Dad : (hesitantly) I think so.
Matt : How come you didn't tell me?
Dad : I don't see it was necessary.

That's dad when it comes to shopping. He'll try his best to keep it away from me. He knows his son is a shopaholic and there's nothing he can do to cure me. He brought me along anyway. I guess he wouldn't wanna be stuck with two old ladies in a shopping mall full of old ladies! He had to drag me along.

Shoppers rushing to get the while-stock-lasts products. Shoppers giving each other hateful stares as one wins the other to the queue at the cashier. Shoppers snatching discounted products off the shelves. Literally tearing the place apart. There's no mercy. This is how it's like when it comes to irressistable prices during a one day sale. Being a shopping escort, I dutifully browsed around the racks and shelves. So many things. So cheap!! Lady shoppers were as quick as thieves in choosing assorted Triumph bras that were only RM10! It was kind of scary. I wouldn't wanna get myself into the little world of women.

As I've said before, the staff of SS aren't really the best polite bunch. Ask them to get you the size you need, they frown. Ask them to get several pieces of your size, they grumble. And when you don't buy after trying, they curse you behind their backs. That's SS staff. Be careful. SS will never be my 1st option/choice of shopping mall if I wanted to get stuff other than household items. Cause you don't need shop assistance when it's household items.

My eyes dutifully browsed and checked out attractive prices. One thing for coming from a poor family, I gotta say I do have taste. At least that what I think. Everything that I see nice are usually beyond me fiscally. I held up a black Bonia shoe to find that it costs RM350. I saw a pair of Nike (I didn't even know it was Nike when I saw it) sandals which was priced around RM200. There was only 20% discount for both. It's kind of stupid if you ask me.

I'm a very thrifty person despite my ability and my desire to shop! I guess I was just brought up like that. Eventhough I may have the money (which is often I don't) I don't just simply splurge wthout consideration. Honestly, brands are silly to me. It may seems nice and cool to have it at times, but I don't go for that. RM79.90 for a Topshop T-shirt is way to expensive for me! RM100++ for a pair of shoes or jeans just makes me hate the fashion world at times. It's just expensive because it's branded. Pretty silly to me. I go for cheap stuff. Anything that I can fit in (considering my size) will be good enough for me. Brand doesn't matter to me at all.

Somewhere in the midst of deranged shoppers and expensive goods, there were still some irresistable prices. I spotted a Goggle T-shirt with really nice words printed across it which was priced at about RM39.90 with a 20% discount. I can't remember what exactly the words were but i think it went something like, "Doesn't mix around easily" or something. It was ok for me. I also saw a pair of black Bata shoes which was about RM25 only. Unfortunately, they ran out of my size. I ended getting myself an orange (my favourite colour) t-shirt by Cheetah. Wasn't my best option but it was on the tray and I got attracted to its colour. Plus, it was only RM20.

So I asked dad whether I could get that Goggle t-shirt or not. He relented after my persuasion, or rather, my explanation of my definition of the word 'expensive'. I was waiting for Aunt Teresa to finish shopping in the belts department so that I could proceed to the Goggle's department when I stupidly used dad's mobile to ring mum up. I was thinking that she might be interested to come shopping with me for another time since it was a one-day sale. Instead, her voice changed abruptly as soon as she heard the words "shopping" and "sale" coming out of my mouth. "Do you really think it's necessary? I've already told you my situation this month and for the months to come for that matter. Financally tight, Matt. If it isn't necessary, then don't fall into the arms of sales temptations," she said before hanging up.

She was right! I hate it when parents are right. Being the obedient son as I am (rebellious at times), I adhered to her what she said and thought about it. I wasn't in a dire need for new clothes or pants, neither was I in dire need of shoes. Broken and battered they might be, but they're still wearable. Had a short bitch-fit and gave up at the thought of my parents being more disappointed than I am when they couldn't provide fot their child. Especially the avaricious one. "Give them a break," I heard my little conscious self of me whisper. I still got a little cranky over the sales that I wasn't able to get anything. I mumbled and grumbled to myself, trying to get my mind off it by doing something else like... collecting free tuna upon every RM120 of purchase. Aunt Teresa was the one shopping, not me.

I love sales if I'm rich. I hate sales when I'm poor. Which is now.

Don't invite me for shopping trips anymore if you can't give me the money to shop with you. Who knows what I might do when I get cranky. I know it'll be rather nasty.

It's not that easy to control myself.

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