Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Night Before.

It's a public holiday today. Noone's at home but me and Carina. Adrian and Carina spent the night over at my place. Adrian, Edmund and dad had gone to the swimming pool (I live in a condominium that has facilities as such but never well maintained). Speaking of pools, when was the last time I actually dipped my feet into the 5metre deep clear, chlorine-filled, blue water? Hmm... Can't remember. Nevermind. So Carina just woke up - look at the time! - and she's having breakfast now outside the kitchen with her eyes glued to the TV. While mom and Grace had gone out with ah chiu and poh poh (she spent the night over at ah chiu's) to bed-shopping. They're being pretty secretive about it. I bet they're hiding something. But, who cares?

Carina and I spent the night watching The Fog on DVD, UNTIL... mom got back from ah chiu's and joined us for the movie, which was just about to start. The only reason Adrian did not join us was cause he fell asleep by 11p.m. You probably might be wondering, "What's up with all those spending-the-night-over-at-someone-else's-house is all about?". Well, firstly, we live in Penang, a very very small island if it was measured in the World Map. Almost unnoticed. Secondly, my whole family basically lives in the same district. Not a very far distance to get to another's house. From poh poh's to my house to ah chiu's and to kai ma's, it's all just a simple route. In short, we're not living far away from each other.

Back to the story. So I just let the DVD into the player when mom rang the doorbell. We were already sitted comfortably on the floor (we have yet to get ourselves a couch after moving in after the renovations) and mum decided to budge in with us. It was about 12.15a.m. at that time.

Matt : Aren't you sleepy yet?
Mom : I'd like to watch the show also, if you mind?

Matt : Don't you need to go to sleep?

Mom : Can I join y'all then?

Matt : Fine.

What more can I say? Being the sensitive mom as she is, I can't possibly say no. She made herself comfy in between us. The movie went well, with the occasional toilet breaks. To my surprise, mom actually understood the movie. Well, she's always asking questions in movies, even in the cinemas. She'll come out of a movie to be only asking more questions and always saying, "I don't even understand the movie," in Hokkien while she scratches her head and scrunches her face. We'll always think twice before asking her out for a movie or inviting her to join us in a show, unless it was that kind of family-bonding thing. But she did understand the movie well last night. Except for one part when Nick Castle (played by Tom Welling) had "wild sex" with Elizabeth (played by Maggie Grace) over at his place.

Mom : Aiyer, it's a dirty show lah!
Matt : Mom, please!
Mom : Holy week, and you're watching this kind of show!

Matt : Who would've known they inserted this kind of scene in a horror movie?
Mom : (continues to watch, silently)

Matt : You sure you're not sleepy?

Mom : I had alot of rest today. I wasn't working, remember?

Matt : Oh...

Overall, the movie was nice. It had a visible story line, considering that I'm not much of a good movie interpreter. I'll usually be corrected by Grace on storylines of movies. Jumping moments, there was, but it wasn't that scary. My favourite part was when Stevie Wayne (Selma Blair) almost drowned in her car and the lady ghost got hold of her leg. That was like a scarier version of Little Mermaid. LOL. And the way Aunt Connie
and Big Dan (or whatever their name was) died was awesome! Burnt to their bones! Gruesomely cool. Carina pulled out from the movie at 1.30 a.m. She went to bed and left me with mom. It's either she was afraid or that she was really sleepy. Either way, I was stuck with mom.

Not exactly what I had in mind of a good night movie, despite the all the thing I've said about being with the family is important and bla bla bla. It felt as awkward as can be, at first. But I got used to it. It was normal. No biggie. I guess this adds another point for me to being a loser. I guess you can tell by now that I'm not the kind of rebellous kid towards my mom. We're pretty close together if you were to ask. No communication problem, there. Grace is closer to dad and they can relate to each other more. Same as me and mom. We can relate through food, opinions on religions, attitude and etc etc. Edmund? He's still looking for someone to click with. However, mom and dad loves us all equally!

Conclusion : I keep having loser nights, lately.

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