Monday, April 10, 2006


It's official, I am a loser! A 200pound of useless fat walking around with the words L.O.S.E.R burnt on my forehead. At the age of 16, I spent my 2 weekend nights in bed with mom and akak. Don't worry, not that kind of I-shagged-my-mom-and-akak in bed, but rather a different one. How much more of a loser can I be compared to people like Seth Cohen or Ryan Atwood. Oh, I'm so caught up with that show.

I was forced to spend the night over at poh poh's. You know, after kong kong's
passing, mom's been spending alot of time there. WE've been spending alot of time there. Offering her our moral support and companionship at the loss of a beloved husband. That's the best we could do. Well, I'm the black sheep of the family in this case. I haven't spent a night up there since after the news about certain "appearances". I just freaked at the sound of spending the night there. Mom and dad, however, being the pushy parents as they are, wasn't keen on letting me go that time. Using sarcasm on me, mom gets it her way.

Mom with her sarcastic face.

Mom : If you don't wanna spend the night there with us, we'll just have to come home again tonight.
Matt : What for? There's nothing to be worried about.

Mom: I have my reasons of worrying. I can't leave you alone at home although you're 16.
Matt : It's not like I can drive and runaway. It's not like I can drink and get myself drunk also.

Mom : I have my reasons lah! If you don't wanna go, why do you care so much? As long as everything goes your way, shouldn't you be happy already?

Matt : Grrr... Fine... fine... I'll pack my bags.

By that time, I'm already ticked off by her constant sarcasm. Making me feel guilty. I can't hide my pouting face and my anger with the extra force applied to closing doors and drawers and slamming of things on the table. She knows, but she just keeps quite and let me get on with my steam.

At the end, I spent the night at poh poh's on the mattress i
n the living room of her tiny, rented, 3-bedroom apartment. Mom was lying on the mattress at that time talking to poh poh, discussing family issues. I went to sleep beside her, covering my face with the pillow, thinking that she'll be sleeping with dad in the room after this. Woke up in the morning feeling chilly and cold with a slight head disorder due to the lack of blanket and pillows at poh poh's to only find mom covered from head to toe with her blanket. LOL. She had extra pillows under her blanket and here I was thinking there wasn't any other extra. She woke up as soon as she heard me talking with Hui Yi asking questioning her about school. "OMG, I'm 16 and I just spent the night on the same bed with my mom," I said immediately as I saw her opened her eyes, ending my sentence with a sinister laugh. "Don't be stupid lah!" she said, hitting me with her extra pillows that was warmed under her the whole night. At times when you think you're parents have no idea to what you're blabbering about, they always manage to prove you wrong.

In the case of akak. She spent the night in my room, last night. Grace and mom decided to leave us all on a Sunday night to spend the night over at poh poh's. This isn't the first time, mind you. Akak decided to spend the night in my room cause our bed are those kind of bed that has an extra pull-out bed under to accomodate the whole family. I, of course has the upper bed while the pull-out bed was meant for Edmund. He never uses it as he's still sleeping with mom and dad at the near age of 9 (his birthday is April 23rd). Although I have to say I didn't quite gave him a chance, cause he's always sleeping early which usually disrupts me from using the computer. Once the bed's pulled out, there's no more space for my chair. I'll usually shoo him away or persuade him to go back sleeping with mom and dad, squeezed in between the both of them.

For the sake of saving electricity (don't know how much it can save), akak decided to sleep in my bedroom. I was of course fine with it. We're not having an affair, if that's what you have in mind. We're practically like brothers and sisters. She's been working for us for about 5years now. I can practically cal her the nanny. Just for the record, Grace also spends her nights in my room with me at times also. Akak and me was also planning to at least watch an episode of The O.C. (yes, she's crazy about the show also, after I made her watch it one day) before we remembered that we had to catch the repeat of America's Next Top Model on Channel V!

Akak, my TV watching mate.

Before my eyes closed, with the little amount of thinking I could manage, I thought to myself again, "Oh man, I'm spending a night, for the second time this week with someone who's not my girlfriend." =P. I'm not in a hurry to be spending the night with my girlfriend (if I ever come around to have one), I was just comparing myself with the characters from The O.C., I guess. Besides, my religion has taught me better than to have pre-marital sex. Girlfriends on the other hand is a big no no for me. Studies comes first. The only girl I spend every night with and most of my time with is my computer. LOL.

Hey, I'm totally fine with being a loser. A very comfortable spot to be right now.


adelyn. said...

Yeah. I don't get why some people are pretty hard-up on getting into relationships. I mean, there are more disadvantages of embarking on a relationship at this tender age you know. Haha.

Studies should come first. Friends should be another priority.

I'm addicted to the com too. T.T

matrianklw said...

Yes, friends should be another priority. Tender age to be dating.

*shakes head*

To me, family is the most important.