Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Teenage Relationships.

I spent half of my afternoon yesterday chatting (online) with a couple of friends. Catching up with them. Making up for lost times. H and W (since all motivational books I read replace its names with alphabets, I'll just tag along and it'll be privacy protection - although I don't really believe in it) seems to be getting along well in life.

Although H just partially recovered from her sudden attack of various diseases, she sounded swell throughout the conversation. I felt sorry to only find out about her condition after it was over and recovering. She made it seemed okay. She is the kind of friend who forgives and doesn't make her friends feel or look bad. I wished her a witty "Get Well Soon!" and sent some virtual hugs through msn winks before I went away. Glad to know that she was recovering.

On the other hand, W just (I'm not sure when exactly and I didn't ask him, but considering that he made it sound so fresh, I assume that it only happened recently) went through a break-up with his girlfriend. W was one of my primary school friends and we kind of grew apart also when we found new friends in a new school. Glad to know that he was back up on his feet and has put the past behind. He mentioned that the girl practically hates him now. Aww. But he did mention about a new girl before we ended our conversation. Happy to know he's back in the game again!

For some weird reasons, our conversations took a turn into relationships. It was refreshing to
finally find out that H is dating K. I suspected that this might happen someday soon, just didn't know when. Well, K did a good job at hiding it from me, or he probably didn't want me to know it in the first place. K was one of my closest friend and we kind of grew apart since last year as we found new friends. But we still keep in touch at times. The 'hello's and the 'hi's are slowly fading away when we meet in the hallways in school. So as all normal people would do, I congratulated them.

H : What's that for??

Matt : Umm, I don't know, isn't that what usually people say when there's a good news? Like if you received news from a couple that they're gonna get married, don't we congratulate them and feel happy for them?
H : Oh ok, then. So nice and cute of you. LOL.

Turns out to be, it's been five months already and I was still in the dark. Well, it's not very likely of me to be busybody-ing someone else's business, especially when it comes to others' private life. Surprisingly, H was pretty cool and open about it. "Well, what is there to be hidden about? Life would be happier and easier without uneccesary secrets, right?" when I thanked her for sharing her beautiful story with me. LOL.

W on the other side wasn't doing his best at relationships at the moment while H was blissfully caught up with hers. It's quite of a funny thing for me to ask him. But I did. I have no idea to whom the girl was.

Matt : Did you really fall in love?
W : I guess I did, too bad she didn't.
W : Or maybe she did in the beginning.

Matt : Then how would you express love then?
W : Love, I don't know. Kinda clueless. it's just that everytime I look at her, I can't get angry.

Matt : Ooh. Sweet.

W : Or maybe it was just a secondary crush?

Matt : I wouldn't know a thing. I

And then, the conversation went on with my endless questions. He was just as happy to answer them. Thats whay I told you that both conversations sounded more like interviews. He was also another fella not afraid of sharing. He says, "I don't really see what's so private about this," when I ask him if he was comfortable telling me all these. And I kept going on.

Matt : So did you cry when you broke up? Did she dump you?
W : Yeah, I cried a few nights and she dumped me.

Matt : Oooh. So you guys still keep in touch with each other, like normal?

W : That's a big joke!

Matt : How come? There are couples who still remain as friends like normal even after dramatical break ups.

W : Yea, I know. Depends on the reasons of their break up anyway.

W : Nah, she hates me now. Or she just doesn't care anymore.

And before our conversation ended, I had to slip in just a few more questions out of curiosity.

Matt : I see. So would you get yourself into a relationship for this time being if there was a chance?
W : Definitely not. After PMR.
W : But there's this girl i'm interested in. She's quite religious.

Matt : You mean, you're interested in a new girl?

W : LOL. Well, long story.

Matt : Good luck with it, although I'm not much of a teenage relationship encourage-r.

W : It's cool.

Okay. So is this the world of teenagers these days? Not that there's anything bad about it. But it's so fundamental to me. As much as I'm against teenage relationships, talking with these two very special people in my life has changed my views about it. Not completely though. But they make it sound so pure, beautiful and lovely. I give them and all other teenage hopefuls my full blessings (not that they would need any from me). All the best people!! Especially H and K.

But I still think that dating at this age is kind of useless. I'll save this for another day! Another whole post itself if I was to get started!

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