Thursday, April 20, 2006

Appreciate Your Parents.

A pouting teenager with his arms folded, walking beside his mom, who was smiling gleefully came pass my attention. Another teenager with a reload card in her left hand while her mobile was in the other and her eyes glued to her mobile screen, walking along with her mother who was at that time, looked like she was scolding her child also caught my attention. I was shopping for a gift for Edmund last night with Grace.

Apparently, teenagers these days are not happy to be coming out with their mom anymore. The first mother seemed to be unaware of the situation that her child was in. She most probably thinks that they're spending the time of their lives with the smile she has spread over her face. Unless she was Bree Van Dee kamp, then it'll be totally a different story. The second mother, however, looks like she has taken full advantage/opportunity of this little (only) outing she had with her daughter to scold her on her mistakes. The daughter seems to be doing a pretty good job at ignoring her mother.

When it's like this, I guess both party needs to be blame. I think, lack of communication is the main problem here. If the mother was to be more opened with her child, I'm sure the child will do the same. If you ask me, despite of times that misunderstanding runs around freely like a little child in our lives, I have no problems communicating with mom. When it comes to shopping or whetever else outing for that matters, I'm best off with mom. Being out with my mom allows me to really spend quality time with her. I don't go out with mom wearing my sour-faced mask, telling the whole world that I hate to be caught walking with her! In fact, I'm happier when I'm with mom compared to friends (excluding Edward). No offence, but I just prefer mom. After all she's like the walking ATM machine of mine! She pays for movies, food and other stuff when I'm with her. I'd have to pay for myself if I'm out with my friends. You choose!

What I'm trying to say is, I was once also, a peer-pressured teenager where I loathed the thought of meeting my parents in public places. In short, I was embarassed of my parents. growing up in a Catholic community taught me to change. There was actually nothing to be embarassed about my parents. They may not be cool. They might not have won the Parents Of The Year Award, but they're still my beloved parents. Now, I'll usually go on a parade with my parents, especially mom! I'm happy when my friends see me going out with my old folks, although it makes me look like a total retard and a loser, I couldn't be less bothered about it! So, to teenagers out there who are embarassed of your parents, please think again. Don't waste this wonderful teenage life of yours shunning your parents. Acknowledge their presence and open up to them. Parents are shy as well, you know. I did ask my parents once, if they were pressured by me to be cool or "in". Thank God, they said no!

It's a blessing that most of us (teens) have loving parents who care about us. Ther may be times when we just feel like hating them to the max! There may be times when it looks to us that everything that they're doing is not right! We, as children have to take this into consideration that, they're not perfect people. Everyone has their weaknesses. So do us! Mistakes are meant to be forgiven, just like they forgave us when we stole our friend's pencil on the third day of school. It's not in the nature for parents to say, "I'm sorry" but as children, we have to see that we forgive them. They're usually so troubled about their own parents, money, mortgage, debts and us! I say, let's give them a break. be independant once in a while and relieve them of their burdens (I'm not telling you to run away from home) and be a good kid that they can out their trust on. Take the time to appreciate them.

For starters, try this. Invite your mom/dad for a little outing whether it's shopping or fishing. Take the opportunity to talk to them. Lay out your opinions. Express your love and care. It'll work wonders on your parents!

If you think acting like the I-hate-my-mom Marissa Cooper (she just became a lesbian in Season 2) from The O.C. is cool, NO. It's an absolute disgrace to our Asian saociety

Think about this, parents are going to be with us for the rest of our lives, but they won't be here forever. Don't ignore the PARENTS!

Matt : You see all those teenagers who looks so gloomy being out with their parents?
Grace : Yeah.
Matt : Thank God, I'm not like them.

Grace : You was.

Matt : I was.
Grace : You're different. That's good.

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