Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Thursday.

Here I am, in front of the computer, in my air-conditioned, messy, four-walled bedroom, with the neck-tie hanging off my left arm which is covered till the wrist with white cotton sleeve. The neck-tie is not for me, it's dad's. I'm just helping him to tie it. And I'm dressed in my usual choir outfit. Pure white, long-sleeved Brooks Brothers shirt, slacks, white socks and a handkerchief in my left pocket. The handkerchief was my own addition. We'll be wearing another layer of our choir rhobes later, though. It's just a formality to dress according to the code.

We're obviously going to church. It's Holy Thursday, according to the Catholic calender. The day of the Last Supper, where Jesus had his last meal with his disciples and there will be this Washing Of The Feet ceremony during mass later. All according to the scriptures, of course. I'm all ready for church while mom and dad are still changing. The big thing today is that they're going to be appointed as Communion Ministers in the church in the witness of the whole congregation. That explains the neck-tie that dad is suppose to wear.

I, for one, wouldn't know much about being Communion Ministers - the guys dressed in white and who gives out the Holy Eucharist at the feet of the sarcrasty (how'd you spell this word?) - cause I'm not going to be one anytime soon. But what I do know is that they're pretty excited. Excited in a spiritual sense. The installation of the new Communion Ministers is later. I just feel so happy for the both of them. They're finally getting involved in church.

Getting chosen/elected to become a Communion Minister is a very honourable thing, from what I heard lah. Not any ordinary person could get elected for this. Don't know how mom and dad got in?

Prayers, perhaps?

Now, if you'd please excuse me. I gotta go fix dad's neck-tie for him. =P. Here I go again, another sweating frenzy.

PS : I realise all my sudden Catholic terms and words, but I have not time to get into more detailed explanation. When I'm free.

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