Friday, June 16, 2006

Ordeal In School.

4th day into the beginning of a new semester, I've already been bombarded by a gigantic amount of workload! Seriously, a mountainous heap of homework and assignments in just FOUR days! Ain't no mountain high enough, I say! I have no idea how much the amount escalated until I came back today and tried to finish some and got so discouraged when I gathered them all up. Frankly, there are still homework and assignments that were procrastinated and carried from the previous semester, adding to the amount I already have to deal with. The new principal has done it. He's dominating the whole school and changing it to an educational boot camp!

My dislikeness towards him has been escalating too since the beginning of the new semester. Secretly throwing curses at him at the very sight of him - with his ridiculously combed hair and his obtrusive glasses, worn at such a way that middle of the glasses rests at the tip of his nose making his eyes overlook the glasses, with his tiny little moustache covering his upper lip - everytime he decides takes a stroll in our hallways, trying to check on our behaviour and attitude. Oh, he is such a pompous ass! The school is in dire need of a more jovial and friendlier principal! I wonder how can the teachers put up with his sickly arrogance and his ego! I'll smack him in the face if I could!

That is so not me...

The re-shuffled timetable has taken its effect on us - with puffier and heavier schoolbags, causing us to either slouch to support the weight of the bag or to be pulled backwards, giving in to the weight of the bag! The extended time schedule has been making school feel like it lasts forever, every single day! Time seems to be crawling as slowly as a grandmother snail during school hours. Hence, resulting to more daydreaming and droopy eyes in class, especially the last two hours before you actually hear the delightful ring of the school bell.

Eventually, I've finally got all my results for the first term examinations and it has never been this horrible before! There's no chance of me trying to post them here but I can say that it's the worse of the worse in the history of examinations! Never had so many failed subjects before! I realise what I've done wrong this semester and it's up to me to change it this second term. The question is, can I? Can I gather myself up for this upcoming exam? It's depressing to even give it a thought. But... I've been diligently (thankfully, I can say) trying my best to complete my work lately. I definitely don't burn midnight lamps and stuff like that but I do have some (sudden) certain inclination towards fulfilling the "responsibility of a student".

Maybe I'm just driven by the new camera. Feeling a need to make the parents happy once in a while with good results. Big possibility there.

Back to re-shuffled timetables and messed up school hours. The timetable's been a real pain in the neck for me. Despiteful subjects - Add. Maths and Maths top the list - are spread out throughout the whole week! We have Maths, B.M. and Add. Maths for four consecutive days for the rest of the remaining semester! Those subjects require alot of mind-wrenching thinking, which I am absolutely incapable of if it's to be continuous! LOL. Not so true... but it can be tiring (not to mention, nerve-wrecking) seeing the amount of homework Mr. Samad and Mr. Khor throw at us by the end of the week. Lessons are being cut to only one period when the subjects are spread out like this, instead of the old fashioned two periods. It gets rather annoying when you see a person too many times in a week, especially when you don't exactly favour that person.

The only thing that makes my days going to school feel worth it is English. English, like all the other unlucky subjects, received the same fate of being shredded into tiny pieces throughout the week. It's the ONLY bright side for me. English seems to be the only enjoyable subject for me. Not exactly enjoyable, but at least, understandable. Mr. Goh is by far one of the friendliest and sociable teacher I've ever known. There's no pressure or tension when you're around him. He communicates with his students and reaches through to them in a more effective way. Still, he could be a little over-relaxing sometimes when it comes to studies. Other than that, he makes the day seem brighter, teaching English.

The extended time schedule has also taken a toll on the students as well, with the complains of hunger at the time when it was previously our recess. It's just ludicrous to extend every single period in the timetable except for the recess - it still remains as half an hour only. It's kind of harsh on the students, don't you think?? Mr. Rani says that the principal doesn't want the time (school dismisses) to differ too much from the previous one! Is he CRAZY?! AN EXTRA OF 40MINUTES EVERYDAY IS NOT A BIGG DIFFERENCE?! I think that's such a lame excuse for a cover-up of his evil plan into morphing all of us into his secret bald-headed army to work for him in the future plans to take over the world! *evil laugh*

I sound crazy. The school is to be blame for wrecking my brains! Now it's all in a jumble mess of clogged networks, dysfunctioning all my abilty to do anything, besides typing.

Crazy again.

I strongly doubt that I'm the only one who finds all these a bull. I do hear teachers themselves complain about the extra long hours at work with each occasional visit to the staff room and one can easily spot the gloomy faces on teachers these days. The teachers also seemed to have developed a level of animosity among with the students due to their stress at work, I assume. *sighs*. I'm sure our parents didn't have to go through this ordeal during their time of schooling. I bet the school then was better off run by the British during the British Occupation. Not that I have anything against my own country, but I think that the education system in Malaysia could use a little sprucing up, that's all.

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