Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Durian Life.

As you can see, I've changed the blog title once more. This is my third second change of the blog title - if you don't consider the initial title (fanciful pretty little title entitled Me Myself and I) I came up with when I registered, a title at all! I figured that was an over-self-centred title so I changed it to It's Not Easy To Be Me (what? It felt right at THAT time!). That title lasted me pretty long didn't it? However, I sense childish-ness in that title, which absolutely does not refer well to my blog. I know I'm not THAT mature, yet, a change of title in occasion with a 16th birthday looks like a pretty good idea and tells of a coming of age. LOL. I know what you're thinking, "Oh please, 'It's A Durian Life' doesn't sound at all mature or masculine and it makes no sense!".

If this was true, I urge thee reader once again, to leave. As I always do to readers who simply disapproves off me me. This is my blog and I can do whatever I want, regardless of what you think off it! Pardon the bad pun. I just think it serves the reader as well as the writer (in this case, me) justice.

"But why 'It's A Durian Life' of all the comparisons in the world!" I hear thee reader ask! I'll try to explain and knock some sense into thee reader who does not understand me and considering the fact that there's an actual limit of 500 characters on the blog introduction column! Obviously, the title was driven by my love for durian and the starting of this year's durian season - a season when all local fruits like rambutans and mangosteens begins to ripe and are ready to be fed to the hungry human-vultures that have been waiting for a whole year! It came to me as an "inspiration" when I was having durian on my birthday while waiting for my distant-related-uncle to open the next durian, anticipated, wide-eyed and drooling. Before you continue reading, I warn you, this is all simply my intepretation of how things work in life and therefore are very objective. It's my perspective and the way I choose to see things.

The message came through to me that one will never know what is in the durian till one opens it. The durian experts could easily see the "type" or "flavour" by simply looking at a durian and its physical appearances but they're not necessarily correct all the time! Similar to life. We can never expect what life has to offer! It's so spontaneous (yes it is! It's only crazy people who make their life an all-planned living hell) and so full of surprises! We can always try our best to predict what will happen next but we're never all the time correct, unless you're psychic or something. But then, that'll make you crazy also! It also applies to the people we meet throughout our life. We are so used to judging a particular someone even before taking some time to know them better that it has become oblivious to us now! I do that too. At times, I judge people by their actions and physical appearances, but I usually keep it on the down-low. Again, we will not necessarily be an excellent judge of character ALL the time! Not until we open up that durian and have a taste out of it.

Any experienced durian lover can easily tell you that worm-infested durians are always the best durians! Theory is, the worms have good taste and only go for quality durians. We're talking about big, fat, juicy worms here! Personally, I've never tried worm-infested durians (only the good side of the durian) but both grandmothers have always offered, with an outstretched arm holding the cutout shell and the other arm with the bits of the infested durian peeled out, saying that it tastes good! I have not the guts to even go near them! I'll usually opt for the healhtier looking ones, with a heavenly smell and bright yellow for colours. I certainly am no durian expert, despite the fact that I've been eating them for the past 16 years of my life! I only consider the colour and the smell before picking it up with my 5 stubby fingers and putting it into my mouth after having a pinch out of it. Usually, it's mom who does all the judgement before saying, "Matt, this is good type one! Eat this!"

Life experiences are also the same with the case of eating durians. We can come across such horrible events in our life that it hurts to even think about it. Yet, we still can come across such happy events in life that could easily bring tears of joy into our eyes, when we think about it! For instance, deaths and newborns. Events that are inevitable in the normal human life. It could bring so much joy and so much pain to us! Like it or not, we'll have to come face to face with it sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. When crucial situations surfaces, we are use to breaking down and giving up, usually complaining about how bad life is! What about those happy moments that we had? Have you ever stopped and thank God for a minute when you're having so much fun during the last holiday trip to Australia? Without the good and the bad events to balance, we will never learn how to appreciate the good times. Seriously, the only reason why I think we come across bad events, is to remind us of the good times we had and to help us learn how to appreciate it. One thing's for sure, we are bound to come across worm-infested durians.

Living a durian life is certainly not a a glamorous one. Like durians, hanging on the branches of the tree is just temporary. No matter how careful we can be, we still fall and fail (sometimes). We can never decide to just hang on one spot and feel safe all the time! Life's just simply not like that! It's all about coming down-to-earth, descending with humility and taking chances. If you decide to hang on the tree, then be my guest. Cause one day, you'll still fall flat on your butt! =P.

Another thing about durians is that they are not exceptional when it comes to competition. It still goes through the same processes of life to strive for food from the mother tree. They're also some breeds that are put into an actual competition to compete in their qualities and essence! Thus, like the human pageant! LOL. Reality is, the life out there, too, are filled with challenges and competitions! It's actually a survival-of-the-fittest world out there! It's scary to see (till what great extents) what humans can do to survive in the harsh world where everyone is constantly competing for power and money. While we are caught up in the never-ending search for power and money, let's pause every once in a while to be thankful of what we have and give those people who are less fortunate a thought.
That's life, baby! No one ever said it was easy! Everyday is a challenge! Living life itself is a challenge!

Durians are generally nicknamed the 'King of the Fruits' with its mighty physical appearance and the strong smell it emits! Like a durian, we can all be liked and be disliked at the same time! Some people (mostly Westerners) despise the fruit and fringe at the smell of it, while Asians like me, couldn't possibly think of a world without durian! Like durians, people can hate us with all their heart but you'll be surprised to know the amount of people that actually loves you! That's what I call family.
Wherever we go, no matter what we do, whatever effects it may have on the people around us, a family will always love us unconditionally like someone who loves his durians! We will always come crawling back to our origins when shit happens beyond our expectations! For the people who hate us, well, that's just too bad for them. But in my case, Grace dislikes durians just because she's afraid of the effects of durian consumption.

We're all special and unique in our own ways like all the durians out there! Each, moulded so carefully by the Creator to be brought into this world to do good to mankind. Until the day I benefit the community, I realise that my blog introduction still needs a little work and that I'm going to have to cut down durian consumption this season as I'm already on the obese side on the BMI chart. *sighs*. Living a durian life is not easy after all.

A durian life : Durians are an aphrodisiac! =P

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