Friday, June 30, 2006


The government has been slapped with two uneventful incidents of bullying recorded by mobile phones and posted in YouTube. This video was the latter incident found on yesterday's The STAR frontpage. Isn't it scary to see the video? Isn't it shocking to see that bullying is still on the rage? Well, not for us student, it's not. The worst part of it was that it was done by a group girls. I wouldn't call that a catfight cause the victim did not intend to retaliate at all! I must say that the boys in the video was pretty stupid to let the girls go at the victim for quite a while before realising that they're going to kill her (by pulling out chunks of her hair!).

To the adults out there, bullying has become part of the school life that the authorities and parents fail to realise. With the resurgence of the two videos, I can only say, it's about time! Getting involved in Projek Warga (Cititzen Project - direct translation) last year, we did our research on the 'bully' topic itself. We were supposed to find the cause of bullying and various ways to curb the problem. No, our team didn't win, if you were wondering.

Our research brought to our attention that bullies usually come from a broken family. The lack of love and unity is one of the main reasons. A family which practices violence is also one of the main causes why these bullies prey on other people, in the same way. Just like they always say, your actions and words relfects your family. This phrase is nevertheless true.
When there's a broken family, the child is definitely affected in a negative way, thus, resulting the child to know not what is right from wrong. Victims of child abuse are also more likely to become bullies. The reason is simply because they've been bottling up their angst and frustration, dealing with broken families at home and bullying just seems to be right for them to let it ALL out!

Are the parents to be blame solely for this? Not entirely.

Influenced by all forms of negativity is one of the reasons too! I was just searching for the video in YouTube to see it for myself, typing the word 'bully' on the search box and pressing hard on the Enter button. One of the search results (the number of real live bullying video that returned with the results was outrageous!) came with the description, "Just like WWE". If I'm not mistaken, it's one of those wrestling shows on TV. Can you imagine that? They're immitating wrestlers and applying them into their bullying antics! This is absurd!

I know it's nothing new to you cause it was like that when wrestling shows were aired on cable TV starting from 1999. But it hasn't stopped either! People are still copying the moves of this pro-wrestlers when the parents and the government thought that it was just going to be a temporary thing 7years ago! Don't get me wrong, wrestling is also a form of entertainment - that shouldn't be watched by brainless maniacs that think that whatever the wrestlers were doing were for real! Parents, once again, need to keep an eye on their children and filter their shows. The government being so strict on the age restriction when it comes to movies is not enough. Its the advertisements and shows on cable TV that needs the government's attention!

The other factor that's making the public concerned about the sudden uprising incident of bullies is peer pressure. Certainly, most bullies do not realise what they're getting themselves into when they nod their heads timidly when approached by a certain group leader. A comment I saw on another bully video on YouTube was that, "Why do I have the feelngs that chinese make the best bully? And they ALL need to be shot in the head!". That explains the existence triads, doesn't it? A chinese myself, I have no idea to why certain chinese like to join triads and gangs. I've been told once by a triad member that they'll provide protection. WTH?! What do you need protection for when you're doing nothing wrong?! I suppose when one joins a triad, they'll have to do as the leader says. Wait a minute, bullying leads to gangsterism... I'm getting off track.

My point is, like what you see in the video above, it's all happening when friends are around. One just doesn't simply go up and hit someone no matter how angry they might be! It only happens with the support and back up of friends. For as much as I know, the bully herself might be feeling guilty of what she's doing. She may be only doing it cause she was pushed by a friend. The possibilty is there. There are even some cases when tougher guys bully the weaker ones just to get attention or to amuse their bunch of friends. Absolutely useless.

Come to think of the word useless. Bullying brings no benefit at all. The bully tires himself/herself out and the victim ends up getting hurt, physically and mentally. The grudge and the anger of the bully will not go away. It'll stay. And by hurting the victim, the bully's just being reciprocatory. No change to the given situation. It's a total waste of time and energy. Unless, of course, you get yourself into local newspapers and achieve fame! *evil laugh*. So, to anyone who was thinking of taking up bullying as a second hobby... think again. Might as well indulge in a violent game to realease the tension.

PS : If anyone can find the other video about the boys bullying a mentally ill student, it'll be much appreciated if you give me the link.

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